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Green electricity

Choose electricity produced from 100% renewable resources!

Save the enviroment and preserve it to the future generations

It is time to act and decrease the impact on the enviroment, created by our daily habits. One of the most simple ways is to choose electricity for your house, produced from 100% renewable resources.

Green electricity for your house is the easiest and simplest way to make the first step towards eco friendly lifestyle.

Calculate the positive impact of your green electricity on the enviroment!

Indicate the average montly eletricity consumption of your house:

kWh per month

The positive impact of your green electricity on the enviroment:

Reduction in CO2 emissions

not driven by a motor-vehicle

planted annually

Choose energy produced from 100% renewable sources for your home

Be responsible for the environment and add green electricity to your electricity product

The process of producing renewable energy produces significantly less harmful CO2 emissions. Purchasing electricity from renewable sources is the most convenient and easy way to take a first step towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Why to choose the green electricity?

Save the enviroment and preserve it to the future generations

By purchasing the green electricity, you create the demand which urges energy producers to switch to eco friendly power production. The more users of the green electricity there will be, the biggest proportion of renewable energy in the total electricity production and less CO2 emission created during the process.

Encourage production of the renewable energy

The more diverse and scattered is the production of electricity, the more safe is its delivery to the users. The green electricity is 100% produced from renewable resources, mainly sun, wing and hydroenergy. We are producing our own green electricity and we are also buying it from other producers in Europe.

Show an example to the others

Use the green electricity and show to the others an example that you care about enviromental protection and that a step towards a greener tomorrow is not a diffult one.

Frequently asked questions

The green electricity is being produced from renewable resources which are available in unlimited quantities and are regenerating faster than being consumed. Such energy resources are: wind, water, sun, warmth created by earth or water, energy of the sea waves, biomass, waste, gases of the sewage treatment plants and biogas. Enefit is producing its own green electricity, simultaneously buying it also from other producers in Europe.

The amount of green electricity kWh used by the clients each month is being covered with source certificates by Enefit, purchasing them from renewable energy producers. The source certificates are the only legally correct form in Europe to proove the origin of the energy. All clients of green electricity supplement and Energy Independence Product receive Enefit green electricity certificate as well.

Enefit Green, a company of Eesti Energia Group, is one of the largest renewable energy producers in the Baltic States, generating electricity from wind, water, solar and biomass. Its renewable energy plants are located in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. In total, Enefit Green produces green electricity from 22 wind farms, 38 solar power plants, a pellet factory, one hydroelectric power plant and a waste-to-energy plant. Find out more about Enefit Green.