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Energy efficiency advice

Reducing consumption is not the only way to cut electricity costs

Simple, yet effective – change your lightbulbs

Lighting is important for our well-being and accounts for almost a quarter of our electricity bill. Switching to efficient LED bulbs enables you to reduce these costs by up to 80%. 

Smart home devices: trend or true saving?

There are various solutions for adjusting household energy consumption automatically that enable remote control of devices in your home. But how useful are they considering their cost?

Flexible consumers use electricity price fluctuations

Active analysis of your energy consumption and willingness to change your daily habits depending on electricity price changes creates more savings than the most advanced and energy efficient devices.

Investment in energy efficient appliances

A, A+ and even A++ energy efficiency class – How important is this parameter when choosing a washing machine or TV or how more pluses affect your electricity bill.

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Enefit Latvija app

Use features offered by the Enefit Latvija app and save!

Spend wisely

The app monitors your household consumption with hourly accuracy and estimates what changes will increase or reduce it. For example, if you used your sauna last night, you can see how the electric heater affects your total electricity consumption.

Reduce your bill by adjusting consumption

The app shows current and the next day’s electricity prices at the energy exchange. Plan your consumption by adapting to market price fluctuations. Reduce your electricity bill by consuming more when the price is down and saving when it goes up. The larger your home, the greater the potential for economic optimisation of your electricity consumption.

Monitor your electricity consumption

The app allows you to compare longer periods (week, month or year) to get a more accurate consumption analysis. It can help identify, for example, how various devices and changes in your habits affect your electricity consumption.

Review signed agreements and their conditions

In addition to information on electricity consumption, the mobile app provides you access to your electricity agreements and the information they contain (selected services, price, duration, etc.)

Download the free Enefit Latvija app to your smart device

When opening the app for the first time and after each update you will need to enter your identity number and the security code sent to your smart device via SMS to log in. You will subsequently be logged in automatically when opening the app.

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