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Find out your benefit as Enefit customer

Why choose Dynamic product?

Always have access to current energy exchange prices without a surcharge. The energy exchange price changes every hour depending on production and consumption. Therefore, you can use price fluctuations and consume more when the price is down and save when the price is up.


  • Adapting your consumption to power exchange prices allows you to cut your electricity costs
  • Agreement without penalty for early termination or other additional costs
  • In the long term, energy exchange prices are better than fixed prices
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The chart shows the price of the 2018 Nord Pool Spot region of Latvia

Electricity price

The electricity price is calculated taking into account the energy exchange price for a particular hour and your consumption. Follow energy exchange price fluctuations in the Enefit Latvija app or on the Nord Pool Spot website and consume efficiently!

If you have a smart meter – your household’s hourly consumption will be read automatically.

If you don’t have a smart meter – hourly consumption is calculated based on AS Sadales Tīkls hourly consumption graphs.

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Why choose Fixed product?

Plan your costs – fixed price for each consumed kWh for the entire period set forth in your agreement.


  • Easy to plan electricity costs
  • Agreement without penalty for early termination or other additional costs
  • The electricity price is not affected by seasons or other wholesale market factors
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Electricity price

The electricity price fixed in the agreement is determined taking into account current energy exchange futures prices and the Latvian household consumption profile.


The graph shows 2018 Nord Pool Spot prices for Latvia and the Enefit Fixed Price

Green energy

It’s time to act and reduce the impact of our daily habits on the environment. It all starts with you! Choose energy produced from 100% renewable sources for your home.

Care about the environment and preserve it for future generations

By choosing green energy, you support the development of environmentally-friendly energy production. The more green energy consumers there are, the larger the share of renewable energy in energy production and the less harmful carbon dioxide is emitted during production.

Support renewable energy producers

The more versatile and distributed electricity production, the more stable energy supply is to consumers. Green energy is produced from 100% renewable energy sources, mainly from sun, wind and water. We produce green energy ourselves and buy it from other producers in Europe.

Insurance for electrical equipment

By opting to insure the electrical equipment in your home, you protect your devices from damage that may be caused by power network interference or current supply faults.

Why insurance?

We have various devices in our homes that ensure security or comfort and make daily chores easier. Some network interference can irreversibly damage TVs and computers or more essential house systems, such as heating equipment. In case of an accident, insurance will protect you from losses by providing compensation for repair or replacement of your damaged devices.

Both technical errors and natural phenomena

Electrical equipment insurance covers a wide variety of accidents by providing compensation for electrical devices damaged by high or low voltage, current faults or even natural phenomena, such as lightning strikes.

Conditions of the Enefit insurance agreement »

This service is ensured in cooperation with If Insurance.

Connection to Enefit is quick and easy

Electricity is like fuel for your car. You can choose where to fill up.

Apply before the 15th of the month

Fill in and sign the agreement electronically

Start receiving Enefit power from the 1st day of the following month

How does the electricity market work?

It is a straightforward process where energy producers, traders and you as a consumer interact. Everything is determined by three main steps – electricity production, sale at the energy exchange and delivery to the consumers.

Watch a short video to learn what affects electricity prices from its production until the moment it is supplied to your home.