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Choose the most suitable electricity product

Universal tariff

Contract term: 12 months

Monthly fee: 0.00 EUR/month

Electricity price: 0,1800 EUR/kWh

To connect to the Universal electricity offer, contact our customer service center:

Tel. No.: +371 6000 0055

E-mail: [email protected]

All prices include VAT 21%.

The monthly electricity bill consists of the price of electricity, service fee, AS "Sadales tīkls" electricity distribution and transmission system service fee. Learn more

Product fee for early termination of the contract and product change
Dynamic 0 EUR
Fixed 12 28 EUR every quarter reduces by 7 EUR, the term of the contract is 12 months
Fixed 24 56 EUR every quarter reduces by 7 EUR, the term of the contract is 24 months
Universal 0 EUR
Each additional connection address receives 50% off the service charge.

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fixed price for kWh

Why choose Fixed product?

Plan your costs – fixed price for each consumed kWh for the entire period set forth in your agreement.


  • Easy to plan electricity costs
  • Stability. Electricity price is not affected by seasonality and other wholesale market factors
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Exchange and fixed electricity price

The graph shows the dynamics of the Nord Pool stock exchange price and Enefit Fixed tariff price. The image is illustrative.


Nord Pool Spot price

Why choose Dynamic product?

Always receive the actual price, which follows the changes in the stock exchange. Therefore, you can use price fluctuations and consume more when the price is down and save when the price is up.


  • Adapting your consumption to power exchange prices allows you to cut your electricity costs
  • Agreement without penalty for early termination or other additional costs
  • In the long term, energy exchange prices are better than fixed prices
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Electricity price

The electricity price is calculated taking into account the energy exchange price for a particular hour and your consumption. Follow energy exchange price fluctuations in the Enefit Latvija app or on the Nord Pool Spot website and consume efficiently!

If you have a smart meter – your household’s hourly consumption will be read automatically.

If you don’t have a smart meter – hourly consumption is calculated based on AS Sadales Tīkls hourly consumption graphs.

The price of Nord Pool Spot region of Latvia

The graph shows the average monthly electricity prices in the Latvia’s price area on the exchange without VAT. (1 EUR/MWh = 0.001 EUR/kWh)


Connection to Enefit is quick and easy

Apply before the 15th of the month

Fill in and sign the agreement electronically

Start receiving Enefit power from the 1st day of the following month

Frequently Asked Questions

Every product has its own advantages, and your choice will depend on your consumption habits, i.e. on whether you prefer stability or being able to monitor your household consumption actively to look for new ways to economise.

Dynamic means that you will buy electricity at the stock price with a service fee of 0.005 EUR/kWh. Influenced by the market and consumption tendencies, this price changes every hour. Thus, you may adapt your electricity consumption actively to consume more when the exchange price is the lowest and to economise when it climbs up. The Dynamic product is usually more economical than the Fixed one in the long term, but you need to take into account that there will be “more expensive” and “cheaper” months.

On the other hand, if you want a simple and stable solution that does not require monitoring price fluctuations, choose the Fixed 12 or the Fixed 24 tariff plan. With Fixed, you will have a fixed electricity price for 12 months or 24 months.

Becoming a client of Enefit is quick and easy:

  • Choose the most suitable service and additional products for you;
  • Authorise via the Internet bank;
  • Select your property that you would like to buy electricity from Enefit for;
  • Confirm the contract;

We shall take care of all the other matters associated with the change of supplier.

Please note that an application for the change of your electric energy supplier for the next month must be submitted by the 15th day of the current month. If you apply in the second half of the month, the change of supplier will take effect on the 1st day of the month following the coming month.

At any time, the general terms and conditions of the contract can be accessed here.

The total amount in the electricity bill consists of several components, of which only one third is the price of electric energy:

  • The price of electricity at which electric energy is purchased from the supplier and which depends on the chosen tariff type.
  • The fee for the supply of electric energy to the consumer or the tariff of the distribution network fixed by JSC Sadales tīkls.

Additional features

Green electricity

Electricity produced 100% from renewable sources for Fixed tariff.

Electrical equipment insurance

Protect yourself from unexpected expenses and receive compensation up to €1,500 for electrical equipment damage.

How does the electricity market work?

It is a straightforward process where energy producers, traders and you as a consumer interact. Everything is determined by three main steps – electricity production, sale at the energy exchange and delivery to the consumers.

Watch a short video to learn what affects electricity prices from its production until the moment it is supplied to your home.

Power out?

A technical fault may have occurred in the connection of your home.

JSC "Sadales tīkls" takes care of the electricity distribution system and its maintenance throughout Latvia. Technical problems can be reported by calling the "Sadales tīkls" fault reporting phone number 8404.