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Protected customer support

A discount off your bills

Find out who can get a protected customer discount off their power bills

  • Families with three or more children: 20 euros.
  • Family off to low income or underprivileged person: 15 euros.
  • Families providing care to a child with disability: 15 euros.
  • Persons with Category I disability or their guardians: 15 euros.

If you are not a client of Enefit

If you are a protected user, come to Enefit and get an additional discount on electricity bills!

With the code AIZSARGATAIS you get an electricity tariff

  • Fixed for 0,2270 Eur/kWh (standard price 0,2470 Eur/kWh) or
  • Energy dependence for 0,1890 Eur/kWh (standard price 0,2090 Eur/kWh).

The special Enefit offer with the code AIZSARGATAIS is valid until 20.02.2023

Meie päikesepargid asuvad Eestis ja Poolas

Enefit joins the protected customer support programme

Starting from January 2023, Enefit offers an electricity bill discount to its clients with a protected customer status. Those that already are clients of Enefit will get the discount automatically, and will see it in their bill for January.

To find out more about protected customer support, visit the SCCB website.

Frequently asked questions

Becoming an Enefit client is quick and easy:

  • choose the product and additional services that best suit your needs;
  • log in using an online bank;
  • choose an address you own where you would like to buy electricity from Enefit;
  • accept the contract.

We will handle the rest of the work related to changing the electricity trader.

Keep in mind that in order to change your electricity trader next month, you need to apply for it before the 15th of the current month. If you apply for it in the second half of the month, your trader will change starting from day 1 of the month after the next month.

The service is a reduction of the amount charged in electricity bills within the scope of one electricity contract. This reduction applies to electric power and system services, but it may not be used to offset value-added tax.

This service is available to low-income and in-need households and individuals, families with three or more children, families and individuals who have children with disability under their care, or individuals with Category I disability who consume electric power within their households for personal needs (end consumers).

The service is not provided to protected users filed as debtors in the applicant and debtor register of the Maintenance Guarantee Fund.

The discount is applied automatically to the first contract you conclude with Enefit for electricity services. To change the address to which the discount is applied, join www.latvija.lv.

Yes, you can get the discount if the address you specify is your registered residence address. To get the discount call our consultants at 60000055.

  • Go to the e-services section of www.latvija.lv and choose ‘Aizsargātā lietotāja statusa noteikšana’ (Assigning the protected customer status).
  • Log in using your personal details.
  • Submit the documents.

If you are a new client, then you will get your discount for the first month of your contract.

If you apply for the discount before day 15 of the month, we will include the discount in the next month’s bill. If you apply for the discount after day 15 of the month, then the discount will take effect on day 1 of the month after the next month.

Familiarize yourself with the principles of use of protected user data.

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