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100% green energy and up to 70% lower electricity bills!

Solar Energy solutions for your company.

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Beneficial electricity purchase solutions, based on the company's electricity consumption analysis.


Effective solutions for natural gas purchase – including outside the natural gas infrastructure network.

Solar energy

Minimize your electricity costs by producing 100% green energy

Technical solutions

Services reducing energy expenses and improving competitiveness.

Why Enefit?

Personal attitude

Get your personal electricity and natural gas consultant


We have been consulting companies in electricity, natural gas and technical matters for 15 years


Affiliate of the Estonian national energy company and the largest wind energy producer in the Baltic States


We have been constantly increasing the volume of energy produced from renewable sources, furthermore, we offer Green energy and solar panels

Customer feedback

“I appreciate that an Enefit consultant contacts me from time to time to inform me about the current electrical power prices, for which it is possible to renew contracts for the next periods. This year I also informed the related companies that they need to be more thorough when reviewing their cooperation with Enefit the next time they renew their electrical power contract.”

“Understandable form of offers, simple and direct circulation of information, loyal attitude towards the client, and professional advice in respect of choosing the most suitable tariff plan.”

“Always excellent attitude and accurate circulation of documents. Interesting information on news in circulation of energy resources.”

“Easy and convenient communication. Educating of customers, help in understanding of the processes in energy market and price formation.”

“Enefit provides extensive information about market developments, specifics and other aspects, which is very important in our cooperation. It helps us make wiser decisions based on information rather than guesswork. In addition, price components and price formation scheme are transparent and conditions are clear and comprehensible.”

“We have been cooperating with Enefit since 2007. In our cooperation with Enefit we appreciate individual approach, provision of educational information, simple cooperation, as well as accuracy in recording and accounting documents.”