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You can turn off half the light
or you can connect Enefit

Affordable electricity for business

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Solar panels - smart investment

Reduce energy costs by up to 30%

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Brighter - more cost-effective!

Energy-efficient lighting service for companies

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Beneficial electricity purchase solutions, based on the company's electricity consumption analysis


Effective solutions for natural gas purchase – including outside the natural gas infrastructure network

Solar energy

Minimize your electricity costs by producing 100% green energy

Electric car charging

Enefit Volt chargers for businesses

Why Enefit?

Personal attitude

Get your personal electricity and natural gas consultant.


We have been consulting in energy matters for more than 15 years.


Affiliate of the Estonian national energy company "Eesti Energia" and the largest wind energy producer in the Baltic States.


We are constantly increasing the amount of green energy produced, we offer green electricity and solar panels.

Everything for your business in one place

Electric car Electricity Solar panels Gas Lighting as a service Electric car Electricity Solar panels Gas Green electricity


As switching electricity traders increases, the number of Enefit customers reaches 50,000 households


State aid to apartment building managers for gas prices