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Electricity purchase solutions

Reduce your company’s power costs and promote its sustainability

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Electricity purchase solutions tailored for your company’s needs

We will help you find the most suitable solution to cut your company’s electricity costs and promote sustainability based on the company’s electricity consumption data, wishes and plans.

We have combined 15 years of experience and knowledge gained in the Baltic into various electricity purchase solutions.

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Electricity price solutions

Choose the most suitable solution for your company’s needs, wishes and plans

Fixed Price

For companies that find it is important to plan and predict the company’s long-term costs.

Market Price

For companies that have the option to plan their electricity consumption, by keeping track of fluctuations in the power exchange.

Fixed + SPOT

For companies that want to manage electricity price risk and take advantage of potential price reductions.

Finland’s Price

For companies that want to make us of the low prices of Scandinavia and are ready to take on a little risk.

Need help to choose the most suitable electricity price solution?

We will help you find the electricity price solution that best fits your company’s needs, wishes and plans. Please, fill in a form, and we will contact you.

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Green energy

Reduce the company’s environmental impact, create a greener company image, improve your credit rating and secure your positions in the market.

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Cooperation with AS “Sadales tīkls”

In order to purchase Enefit electricity, the company must conclude a contract for system services with the distribution network operator. The largest operator in Latvia is Sadales tīkls which services 99% of Latvian consumers.

Contacts of Sadales tīkls, self-service portal e-st.lv and other useful information about cooperation with the distribution network operator.

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Frequently asked questions  

When choosing an electricity purchase solution, a company should consider its electricity consumption profile, development plans and evaluate the consumption flexibility and necessity for price stability.

We will help you find the most suitable solution to cut your company’s electricity costs and promote sustainability based on the company’s electricity consumption data.

Information about the origin of electricity sold by Enefit from 2017 until 2022.

Meter showings (except in case of a smart meter) must be submitted starting from the 27th day of each month until the 3rd day of the next month on the e-st.lv customer portal. In exception cases, meter showings can be submitted by calling customer service by phone number 8020 0408, or communicating them to your electricity trader.

Further information about submitting meter showings: here.

You have an option to conclude an electricity purchase contract for this object, or to add this object to an already existing electricity purchase contract. With regard to your wish to connect/take over an object, contact the electricity trader who will take all the necessary actions for you.

The trader will send you an application form and, after receiving all the necessary information from you, will transfer the object to the new user, as well as will notify the distribution system operator about the changes.

Notify your electricity trader about it and, after receiving the information, they will remove the object from the electricity purchase contract and inform the distribution system operator.

If electricity is consumed at an object and no electricity purchase contract is concluded with a trader, the object goes to the Final Guaranteed Supply.

The Final Guaranteed Supply is the supply of electricity to a customer who has not selected an electricity trader and has not concluded a contract. In this case, electricity is supplied by the trader selected by Sadales tīkls under a tendering procedure.

The electricity price of the Final Guaranteed Supply changes every month. It is comprised of the average weighted price of the Nord Pool power exchange for the Latvian price zone and mark-up for each MWh set by the trader that provides the Final Guaranteed Supply.