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Market Price

For companies that want flexible conditions and to save in the long-term

What is Market Price?

Variable electricity price for each MWh. This is a saving opportunity for flexible consumers – to consume more when the electricity price at the power exchange is lower, while reducing the company’s power consumption when the price goes up.

When this solution is chosen, electricity is purchased at the Nord Pool power exchange for the current hourly price of the Latvian zone.

Electricity prices change each hour at the exchange. Historical and next day’s exchange prices can be followed on the Nord Pool power exchange website. Hourly rates for the next day are published at 2.00 PM.



Market Price advantages:

  • By adapting electricity consumption to exchange prices – consuming more when the electricity price at the exchange is lower, while consuming less when the price rises – it is possible to reduce electricity costs
  • Market price is advantageous in the long term
  • There is no early contract termination fee
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Interesting facts about Market Price

Popular choice

A large part of business customers in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries choose Market Price

10-15% saving

Long-term electricity cost saving compared to Fixed Price

4000 EUR/MWh

The highest price ever recorded on the Nord Pool exchange in the Latvian price zone is in 2022.

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