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Gas products

Fixed price

For companies that want to plan and forecast their long-term costs

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Market price

Potential savings for flexible customers – consume more when the power exchange price is lower and cut consumption when the price goes up.

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What is a Fixed Price?

The price remains the same for the duration of the agreement. The final price depends on the company’s consumption structure and agreement duration

Advantages of a fixed price

  • Easy to plan long-term company costs
  • The price remains the same for the duration of the agreement period
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The graph shows 2018 Gaspool prices and Enefit Fixed Price.


The graph shows 2018 Gaspool prices.

What is a Market Price?

A variable price that makes it possible to reduce costs by adapting consumption to exchange prices.

Advantages of a market price

  • No penalty for early termination of the agreement
  • No natural gas consumption limit
  • Especially suitable for sites with seasonal consumption, i.e. where consumption is notable higher during the warm season
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Connection to Enefit is quick and easy

1. Apply before the 15th of the month

2. Fill in and sign the agreement electronically

3. Start receiving Enefit power from the 1st day of the following month

Enefit partners

To buy natural gas from Enefit, companies should have a system service agreement with the distribution system operator AS Gaso. Consumption data are submitted via the Distribution System Operator’s (DSO) portal or by calling 155.

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