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Solutions for purchase of natural gas

Reduce your company’s energy costs by choosing the most suitable solution for natural gas

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Natural gas purchase solutions which are adapted to the company’s needs

We have two solutions of how companies can purchase natural gas: Fixed and Market Price Products.

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Natural gas products

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Fixed price

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Market price

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The supply of last resort

What is the supply of last resort (SLR)?

In accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 78 „Regulations Regarding the Trade and Use of Natural Gas”, natural gas supply within the framework of the last guaranteed supply service for a period not longer than six calendar months is provided for:

  • the user, if he has one valid natural gas sales contract with a trader who has stopped natural gas sales;
  • to the owner of the gasified facility, if natural gas is used in the gasified facility without a valid natural gas sales contract and the user or the owner of the gasified facility has not provided the opportunity for the distribution system operator to stop the supply of natural gas to the gasified facility.

As of 1 May 2020, the provider of the supply of last resort service to the users of natural gas in Latvia, except households, is SIA Enefit.

Payment procedure »


PPGP = TTFfm + X, EUR/MWh, where

PPGP – SLR service price EUR/MWh

TTFfm – mean arithmetic day settlement price for the specific month for the next month’s Title Transfer Facility forward financial instrument, EUR/MWh

X – trade service, EUR/MWh
Trade service (X) costs include all costs related to input of natural gas into the virtual trade point of the transmission system for provision of SLR service, including:
  1. trade costs;
  2. costs of the balancing service;
  3. costs of natural gas transmission and storage;
  4. customer service;
  5. invoicing;
  6. collection of fee for the provided SLR service, transmission service and distribution service.

July 2024

84.45 EUR/MWh

Historical price

In addition, the following are applied to SLR service:

  • transmission system service fee for exit point to supply the users in Latvia;
  • fee for the service of natural gas distribution system;
  • natural gas excise tax;
  • value added tax in accordance with the effective laws and regulations.

Price list for AS Gaso services »

Cooperation with AS Gaso

To be able to purchase natural gas from Enefit, the unit should be connected to natural gas distribution system. If the unit has not been established and connected to the natural gas system:

1) the user enters into a connection contract with the distribution system operator, AS Gaso;
2) establishes an unit and connects it to the natural gas distribution system.

More information available here.

Data on consumption of natural gas should be reported in the portal of the distribution system operator or by calling 155.

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Frequently asked questions

The readings from the meter should be submitted from the 27th date of each month until the 3rd date of the following month at mans.gaso.lv customer portal, by sending a text message to Gaso phone number 155, or by notifying your natural gas trader.

Reporting of readings for the natural gas users of S1 and S2 volume group can be sent by text message during the whole month, except 2 days to close the monthly balance.

If readings are not reported, Gaso will provide forecasts: calculated readings, taking into account the historical consumption of the unit

More information »

To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and unexpected expenses when changing the ownership or use rights, please comply with the following:

  • the former owner/user and the new owner/user of the real estate (gasified unit) have to record the actual readings of the gas meter;
  • at the moment of handing over the real estate, both parties shall complete and sign the Statement on Recording the Readings of Commercial Records (the application form can be obtained by contacting the selected or existing natural gas trader).
  • The former owner/user shall submit the Statement on Recording the Readings to its trader to terminate the contract on gas trade and to receive the settlements for services;
  • The new owner/user shall use the Statement on Recording the Readings to enter into a gas trade contract with the selected trader.
  • If it is not known whether the new user of the gasified unit will continue the use of natural gas and enter into a gas trade contract, the former owner/user should apply for disconnection of the natural gas supply before expiry of the ownership/user rights. Disconnection shall be performed free of charge. The expenses for connecting the natural gas will have to be covered by the new owner/user.

The user should choose a trader and enter into a natural gas contract, as well as complete the application for connection/renewal of natural gas. By confirming the application, the selected trader consents to connect the natural gas to the new unit of the user.

If the customer wishes to increase the permitted maximum load due to the change of heating boiler, the request should be made for the technical rules of AS Gaso. To prepare the technical rules, an application on the company’s letterhead is necessary which has been signed by the responsible person, as well as an added document to prove ownership, and a power of attorney if the application is signed by the authorised person of the company. Application for development of technical rules due to change in capacity may be sent from e-application section of our website, or to e-mail [email protected].

In accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 78 “Regulations Regarding the Trade and Use of Natural Gas”, if the user has not selected any natural gas trader, the natural gas will be provided within the framework of the supply of last resort.

In accordance with the Energy Law, the service of the supply of last resort is provided to the end users by a natural gas distribution system operator or natural gas trader selected according to the procedures of the Energy Law.

On the basis of the provisions of the Energy Law and in accordance with an open, non-discriminatory procedure based on market principles, AS Gaso has selected SIA Enefit as provider of supply of last resort as of 1 May 2020 for a price determined by the following formula: SLR price=TTFfm + 50 (EUR/MWh).