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Gas products

Fixed price

For companies that want to plan and forecast their long-term costs

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Market price

Potential savings for flexible customers – consume more when the power exchange price is lower and cut consumption when the price goes up.

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What is a Fixed Price?

The price remains the same for the duration of the agreement. The final price depends on the company’s consumption structure and agreement duration

Advantages of a fixed price

  • Easy to plan long-term company costs
  • The price remains the same for the duration of the agreement period
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The graph shows 2018 Gaspool prices and Enefit Fixed Price.


The graph shows 2018 Gaspool prices.

What is a Market Price?

A variable price that makes it possible to reduce costs by adapting consumption to exchange prices.

Advantages of a market price

  • No penalty for early termination of the agreement
  • No natural gas consumption limit
  • Especially suitable for sites with seasonal consumption, i.e. where consumption is notable higher during the warm season
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What is Supply of Last Resort (SLR)?

Pursuant to Cabinet Regulation No. 78 „Regulations Regarding the Trade and Use of Natural Gas”, the Supply of Last Resort is ensured in the following cases:

  • if the user of natural gas has not entered into a natural gas trade contract with any trader;
  • if the current trader of the user of natural gas has terminated trade in natural gas
  • as well as in other cases stipulated under Cabinet Regulations No. 78 “Regulations Regarding the Trade and Use of Natural Gas”.

As of 1 May 2020, the service provider of the Supply of Last Resort for the users of natural gas in Latvia, except households, is SIA “Enefit”.

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Natural gas price for the Supply of Last Resort

PPGP = Gaspoolfm + X, EUR/MWh, where

PPGP – SLR service price EUR/MWh

Gaspoolfm – mean arithmetic day settlement price for the specific month for the next month’s Gaspool forward financial instrument, EUR/MWh

X – trade service, EUR/MWh
Trade service (X) costs include all costs related to input of natural gas into the virtual trade point of the transmission system for provision of SLR service, including:
  1. trade costs;
  2. costs of the balancing service;
  3. costs of natural gas transmission and storage;
  4. customer service;
  5. invoicing;
  6. collection of fee for the provided SLR service, transmission service and distribution service.

May 2021

41.43 EUR/MWh

Historical price

Year Month EUR/MWh
2020 May 27,73
2020 June 25,99
2020 July 26,00
2020 August 26,27
2020 September 28,76
2020 October 32,13
2020 November 35,12
2020 December 34,71
2021 January 36,95
2021 February 40,62
2021 March 38,61
2021 April 38,63

In addition to SLR service fee, the following shall be applied:

  • transmission system service fee for the output point intended for supply to the users in Latvia;
  • natural gas excise tax;
  • value added tax in accordance with the effective laws and regulations.

Price list of AS “Gaso” services »

Connection to Enefit is quick and easy


Apply before the 15th of the month


Fill in and sign the agreement electronically


Start receiving Enefit power from the 1st day of the following month

Enefit partners

To purchase natural gas from SIA Enefit, the facility must be connected to the gas distribution system. If the facility has not been established and connected to the natural gas system:

1) the user must enter into a connection agreement with the distribution system operator AS Gaso;
2) the facility must be established and connected to the natural gas distribution system.

More information can be found here.

Consumption data are submitted via the Distribution System Operator’s portal or by calling 155.

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