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Fixed price

For companies which value planning and forecasting of the company’s long-term costs

Fixed price 

Invariable price per MWh of natural gas has been set for a specific period. The price for natural gas fixed in the contract depends on the consumption profile of the company, the validity period of the selected contract, and the relevant exchange futures at the moment of entering into the contract.


The graph shows TTF (Title Transfer Facility) exchange prices and Enefit Fixed Tariff price.

Advantages of the fixed price: 

  • Easy to plan the company’s long-term expenses 
  • The price is not affected by seasonality and other factors of the wholesale market 
  • It is possible to fix a natural gas price for a specific period
  • Suitable for units with seasonal consumption which is much greater during the cold months of the year
Receive an offer

Another solution for purchase of natural gas

Market price

For companies which aim for flexible conditions and long-term savings.

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