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Green energy

Electricity made 100% from renewable energy sources for your company

Green energy as a promoter of your company's competitiveness

In the nearest future, the amount of CO2 emissions created by companies will significantly affect competitiveness of companies. Banks will grant funding and provide refinancing on advantageous terms only for the companies focusing on reduction of the harmful environmental impact caused by their operations. Besides, cooperation partners, clients and employees demand from the companies to demonstrate responsibility towards the environment.

The most convenient and easiest way of taking the first step towards more environment-friendly entrepreneurship is use of Green energy (produced using renewable resources).

Green energy may be used regardless of the company's size, by entering into a contract on purchase of electricity or supplementing conditions of an effective contract.

Calculate the positive impact of green energy on the environment!

By purchasing green energy MWh / year

Carbon emissions
are reduced by



The reduction of carbon
emissions is equivalent

not driven by an internal combustion engine car

The reduction of carbon
emissions is equivalent

which would be required for the sequestration of carbon emissions per year

Carbon emissions are calculated as per defined methodology based upon user annual electricity consumption multiplied by the factor of the corresponding country as stated by AIB (Association of issuing bodies), that represents national annual electricity generation mix of the country. Latest defined factor is as of 2019, to be used for the given year until the further notice.*

Emissions per passenger vehicle calculations are based upon tonnes of CO2 emitted per median car in the Baltic States, data sourced from Road Safety Directorate statistics.**

Calculation of CO2 sequestration in woodlands factoring in a median tree in the Baltic States and is based upon information sourced from a Forest Research Institute ***.


Why choose Green energy?

Advantageous funding conditions

Company's credit rating is already being considered taking into account the company's sustainability factor, including the amount of CO2 emissions.

Sustainable development

More than a half of the entire amount of energy is consumed by trade and commerce industries. This means that these sectors cause significant amount of CO2 emissions and that transition of any company of the sector to renewable energy regardless of consumption is very significant for the prevention of climate change.

Future of company's image

By failing to take sustainable and socially responsible strategic decisions, business takes a chance to lose trust of clients, cooperation partners and employees. Many huge international companies have already developed plans for CO2 reduction mostly consisting of support to production of renewable energy.

Receiving international certificates

There is a number of various certificates which attest affiliation of the company's, its facilities or products to a certain preference group. In order to receive such a certificate, one of the preconditions is use of renewable energy inthe core operation.

Green energy trademark

Using environment-friendly energy and labelling products with a relevant brand, producer has a greater market potential, because consumers more frequently opt to purchase products made by a sustainably thinking company.

More information on benefits: Sustainability guide (pdf) »

Take care of your company and the environment - choose Green energy!

Receive an offer
green energy

Using Green energy trademark in company's communication

Every company using Green energy receives the Green energy certificate and rights to use the Green energy labelling. Proper use of these factors in the company's communication may lead to a greener company's image, stronger market positions, as well as attraction of of new partners and clients with green way of thinking.

Conditions of use of the trademark (pdf) »

Ideas for the use of Green energy trademark

green energy
green energy
green energy
green energy