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NETO settlement

NETO settlement system

The NETO billing system determines the monetary value of the electricity produced and consumed. At the same time, a domestic electricity producer who generates electricity from renewable resources can distribute the production of electricity over several sites. This allows the value of the electricity produced to be used to pay the electricity bill at all the user's connections.


NETO norēķinu sistēmas pakalpojums

Manufacturers Universal Manufacturers Dynamic
Offer Exchange price -0.02 EUR, which cannot be lower than 0.00 EUR/kWh Exchange price -5 %, which may be lower than 0.00 EUR/kWh
Authorised production capacity Up to 50 kW Up to 1 MW
Minimum contract period 1 year
Monthly fee
How many household objects can be included in the net settlement system? Without limit
Do I need to register my business? No, no need to register

If you want to connect to NETO billing and have any questions, please contact us.

NETO settlement system conditions and options

  • The NETO billing system is designed for both households and businesses with a total electricity generation capacity of up to 1MW
  • the electricity is generated at the electricity site using solar panels or other renewable energy sources
  • all the customer's electricity connections have one electricity trader who is responsible for the electricity received and transferred to the network
  • billing can also be extended to multiple electricity connections of the user
  • The NETO payment system can be used without registering an economic activity
  • electricity is generated by the user for their own use with the possibility to sell the residual (80% self-consumption and 20% residual for sale)
  • the resulting NETO value can be used to cover electricity costs
General Terms and Conditions of the Power Purchase Agreement (PDF)