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Electrical equipment insurance

Protect your electrical equipment and yourself!

Protect yourself from unexpected expenses

Some interferences in electricity supply network can irreversibly damage TVs and computers as well as more essential house systems, such as heating equipment. In case of such an accident, insurance will protect you from losses by providing compensation for repair of your damaged devices or the purchase of new ones.

Electrical equipment insurance covers a wide variety of accidents by providing compensation up to €1,500 for electrical equipment damaged by high or low voltage, current faults or even natural phenomena, such as lightning strikes.

Peace of mind for only 1 euro per month!

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Electrical equipment insurance will complement the existing home insurance greatly

Insurance for valuable electrical equipment against damages

Additional safety not provided by existing home insurance restrictions

Good price for peace of mind in relation to interferences in electricity supply network

Electrical equipment insurance

Insurance of household electrical equipment damaged by voltage fluctuations, current faults and lightning.

Monthly payment
1,00 EUR


Sum of insurance
1500 EUR for every insurance case

Deductible amount
50 EUR for every insurance case

The number of insurance cases per year is not limited

Which household electrical equipment are covered by insurance?




Landline telephone

Washing machine



Fire and security alarm equipment

Electric heater and ventilation equipment

Other heating equipment

External parts of the electrical power line system connected to the building

Examples of cases when electrical equipment insurance helped to compensate losses

We have helped to compensate losses in such cases

Damages caused by lightning strikes: TV, router, socket

Compensation amount: 638 EUR

Damaged washing machine

Compensation amount: 469 EUR

Several household electrical devices were damaged due to overvoltage, including an incubator for incubating chickens

Compensation amount: 1100 EUR

The heat pump damaged by electrical voltage

Compensation amount: 526 EUR

Frequently asked questions

The insurance starts on the date when you start receiving electricity from Enefit. The insurance coverage ends on the date when the electricity purchase contract with Enefit is no longer valid or, if you have not unilaterally terminated the insurance contract before that date.

Yes, the electricity contract and insurance are related.  Only Enefit clients with an existing electricity purchase contract can use Electrical equipment insurance.  

Shortly before the end of the free period, you will receive an SMS reminding about the end of the free period of Electrical equipment Insurance. We advise to continue using insurance to protect yourself from unexpected expenses for only 1 euro per month. But if you want to cancel the Electrical equipment insurance, you can do this on the self-service portal "Mans Enefit" by writing an application in free form to elektriba@enefit.lv or by calling the Enefit customer service phone 6000 0055.

The service is provided in cooperation with If Insurance and AON

If you need a consultation with an expert or additional information, call to the Enefit customer service phone 6000 0055.