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Frequently Asked Questions

We have summarized the answers to the most frequently asked questions - how to choose the most suitable electrical product, what benefits and additional services does Enefit offer, how to connect services? You will find answers to these and other questions related to energy purchase below. If there is any question that has not been answered, please contact us by calling 6000 0055 or writing to elektriba@enefit.lv.


Every product has its own advantages, and your choice will depend on your consumption habits, i.e. on whether you prefer stability or being able to monitor your household consumption actively to look for new ways to economise.

Dynamicmeans that you will be purchasing electricity at exactly the same price as it is sold at the exchange, with no extra charge for each kWh consumed. Influenced by the market and consumption tendencies, this price changes every hour. Thus, you may adapt your electricity consumption actively to consume more when the exchange price is the lowest and to economise when it climbs up. The Dynamic product is usually more economical than the Fixed one in the long term, but you need to take into account that there will be “more expensive” and “cheaper” months.

If, however, you prefer not to take the risk of experiencing large exchange price fluctuations, you may opt for the service Dynamic+. At an additional charge of 1 EUR per month, this service makes it possible to guarantee that your final price for electricity does not exceed a certain amount regardless of how much the exchange price might rise.

Conversely, if you are looking for a simple and stable solution that does not require monitoring of price fluctuations, choose the Fixed product. You will have a fixed price of electricity for a period of 24 months.

In any case, you may simply change the selected product at no additional fee.

  • Enefit’s costs do not depend on how much electricity each client consumes. Therefore, we offer all our clients an equal service price which does not depend on their place of residence, age or the amount of electricity consumed.

  • The fixed customer service fee of 2 EUR per month assures transparent and honest cooperation with the clients as well as supporting Enefit’s aim of promoting more efficient energy consumption. Enefit is not interested in any rises in the customer’s consumption because, unlike what is considered common practice in the sector, it has no effect on the company’s profit.

    On the contrary, we want our customer’s electricity consumption to go down and therefore offer various tips and solutions for becoming more energy-efficient and reducing electricity expenditure. View our power-efficiency tips.

This offer is perfect if you are looking to enjoy the benefits of the Dynamic tariff plan, but do not want to run the risk of having unexpected changes in the exchange prices. At a fixed fee of 1 EUR per month, you have a set fixed electricity price level or a “price threshold” for one kWh that is stipulated in the contract, and this is guaranteed by us, regardless of any exchange price fluctuations: your final price for electricity will not exceed this amount. Should the exchange prices climb above the price level fixed for the Dynamic+ offer, we cover the difference.

The prices of electrical energy in the Baltic Region are fixed by the Nord Pool Spot exchange. Each state has its own price region in which the prices of electricity change every hour. The current prices of the Nord Pool Spot exchange prices in Latvia can be accessed by using this link.

The current exchange prices may also be monitored conveniently in the free application Enefit Latvija. Furthermore, you may also use the application to see the electricity consumption of your household and set various reminders which will warn you about any rapid exchange price changes for you to be able to plan and adjust your consumption in good time.

Download the Enefit Latvija app to your smart device:

Green energy is energy obtained from renewable sources which are available in unlimited quantities or which can be replenished faster than they are consumed. These sources of energy include: wind, water, sun, thermal energy from the Earth or water, energy from sea waves, biomass, waste, waste-water treatment plant gases and biogas. Enefit also produces Green Energy itself as well as procuring it from other European producers of electrical energy.

Enefit is the only supplier of electrical energy in Latvia which offers Green Energy for sale at a fixed amount sum of 1 EUR per month. Enefit itself produces “green” energy from renewable energy sources such as wind, water, sun and biomass, as well as purchasing it from other European producers of electrical energy.

Reduce the environmental impact of your home and routinely use energy that is 100% produced from renewable energy sources.

Eesti Energia, the parent company of Enefit, was the first company in Central and Eastern Europe to offer renewable energy to its clients. Enefit Green, a company of the Eesti Energia group, is one of the largest producers of renewable energy in the Baltic States that generates electricity ‘from wind, water, sun and biomass. Learn more about Enefit Green.

Insurance of electric appliances protects you against losses potentially caused by faults in the power grid or power outages. Such faults in the power grid may irreversibly damage TV sets, computers and also more substantial household systems, such as heating equipment. If an accident occurs, the insurance will protect you against losses because you will be able to receive a compensation for the repair of the damaged appliances or the purchase of new ones.

The electric appliance insurance covers various types of potential accidents and provides coverage for any electric appliances which are damaged by overvoltage or undervoltage, power outages or even the consequences of natural phenomena, such as a lightning strike.

Learn more about Insurance of electric appliances and Conditions of the Enefit insurance agreement.

Yes, the price of the Enefit Universal product is 0.08095 inclusive of the VAT. The minimum product usage period is 1 month, the contract is signed for a period of 24 months, and there is no contractual penalty for early termination. To apply for the Enefit Universal tariff, please call 6000 0055.

When signing the contract remotely, all parties are entitled to refuse the chosen service within 14 days. If you wish to exercise this right of termination, please call the Enefit contact centre at 6000 0055.

Connection of Services

Becoming a client of Enefit is quick and easy:

  • Choose the most suitable service and additional products for you
  • Authorise via the Internet bank
  • Select your property that you would like to buy electricity from Enefit for
  • Confirm the contract

We shall take care of all the other matters associated with the change of supplier.

Please notethat an application for the change of your electric energy supplier for the next month must be submitted by the 15th day of the current month. If you apply in the second half of the month, the change of supplier will take effect on the 1st day of the month following the coming month.

The electricity supply contract will take effect on the 1st day of the month, and it must be signed at least 15 days before the beginning of the month. This means that, if you would like the contract to be effective on 1st April, it must be signed by 15th March at the latest.

The electric energy supply contracts of Enefit contain no penalties for termination or any other hidden costs, and clients can easily change their tariff type at no additional cost.

One of the basic values of Enefit is simple and transparent cooperation with its customers. We are sure that, over the long term, our services are the best in Latvia, and we therefore do not intend to keep our clients by applying penalties or any other sanctions.

At any time, the general terms and conditions of the contract can be accessed here.

Signing a contract for several addresses is not possible. Each address requires a separate contract, but we offer a 50% discount on the service fee for each additional address.

You can get 50% off the initial connection fee by adding another property.

All natural gas delivered to customers in 2018 has been imported from the Republic of Lithuania.

Natural gas quality parameters.


If you have a smart electricity meter, you do not need to submit the readings because they are automatically read remotely.

The clients may submit readings from an ordinary meter between the 27th day of the month and the 3rd day of the following month. For example, the meter readings for March may be submitted from 27th March until 3rd April.

If you have an ordinary meter, the readings can be submitted:

If the meter reading is not submitted on time and you do not have a smart meter which can be read remotely, the amount for your electricity bill for that particular month will be calculated based on your average consumption.

A smart electricity meter is a device for measuring the electricity consumption which makes it possible to read data and service the device remotely. Furthermore, these meters offer wider opportunities for monitoring the hourly energy consumption of your household and analysing it in order to see how various devices and our habits affect our energy consumption.

Smart meters are installed and serviced by JSC Sadales tīkls, which is responsible for the servicing of the electric energy distribution networks in Latvia. The plan for the implementation of these meters envisages installation of smart electricity meters for all properties in Latvia by year 2022.

In an open electricity market, the sale of electric energy is based on the principle of hourly consumption. If the client does not have a smart meter installed, i.e. the client’s meter does not record the hourly consumption, the breakdown of the electric energy consumed within a 24-hour period is applied for payment purposes, based on the standard load pattern. More about the standard load pattern.


The total amount in the electricity bill consists of several components, of which only one third is the price of electric energy:

  • The price of electricity at which electric energy is purchased from the supplier and which depends on the chosen tariff type. Approximately 32% of the total invoice amount.
  • The fee for the supply of electric energy to the consumer or the tariff of the distribution network fixed by JSC Sadales tīkls. Approximately 40% of the total invoice amount.
  • The mandatory procurement component (MPC) which makes up approximately 28% of the total invoice amount.

Your monthly electricity bill amount will depend on the product you have opted for and the total electricity consumption. Please use our calculator to find out what your electricity bill will be with each of the Enefit products.

You will receive the bill for the electric energy consumed during the previous month in your e-mail by the 15th day of the subsequent month.

Yes, if you have signed a contract for the supply of electric energy to several properties registered with JSC Sadales tīkls in your name, then Enefit will include all of them in a single bill.

You will receive the bill for the electric energy consumed during the previous month in your e-mail by the 15th day of the next month, and the payment must be made within 14 days of receiving it.

Yes, you may transfer an amount greater than the amount specified on the bill when paying your monthly bill. After the payment of the bill, the balance will be used as an advance for the payments to be made in the subsequent months.