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Solar energy solutions

Benefit from solar energy

Become a home energy producer and reduce electricity costs!

Solar panels are the best and most simple way to:

  • reduce electricity bills up to 50%;

  • produce a 100% environmentally friendly energy;

  • be independant from the unstable electricity prices;

  • increase the market value of real estate;

  • invest with a high return of capital.

Our experts are here to provide support on each step - from the development of a solar panel project concept up untill the panel installation. We also provide a monthly payment solution, which allows reduced electricity costs without immediate, large investments.

With us you can feel safe and comfortable. We are one of the largest electrical energy producers, energy suppliers in the Baltic region, and we also offer long term warranties.

Solar panel calculator

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Why install solar panels in your home?

  • Reduce energy costs
    The costs of energy generated by solar panels are significantly lower than the market price of electricity and allow you to substantially reduce your electricity bill up to 50%. In addition, you do not have to pay Sadales Tīkls or mandatory Procurement Component tariffs for solar energy consumed in your home, which normally account for two thirds of your electricity costs.

  • Valuable investment for future
    Investment in panels is a stable and reliable one. At the same time, such a solution also significantly increases the value of property and is a smart investment for the future. Recoupment period of the investment is 10-12 years, and, taking into account that service life of solar panels is more than 25 years, it is worth it.

  • Environmentally friendly solution
    Solar panel installation is an environmentally friendly option which reduces the amount of CO2 emissions produced and allows You to become a "home-producer" of 100% green energy, and also to be a role model for the neighbours.

Five steps towards solar energy


Leave your contacts in the form "Get a personalzed offer", and we will contact you within few working days.


Based on the consumption data of your household, we prepare an individual quote. If you want, we can offer also a split payment.


We agree on the installation terms and payment conditions of the required solar system. We provide advice on additional steps for preparing and submitting documentation.


We procure the necessary materials and design the object, which may take a few weeks. Then we agree on a suitable time and perform the system installation within a few days.

Production of solar energy

Produce 100% green energy for your home and enjoy cheaper electricity. Energy not used for own consumption can be transferred in common-use grid using the NET settlement system offered by the AS "Sadales tīkls".

Why choose Enefit solar panels?

  • Full service
    Our experts will take care of everything. From the development of a client data-based offer and documentation advice to the installation of solar panels.

  • Payment options
    In cooperation with AS Swedbank and SIA Inbank līzings, we offer payment options for a period of up to 10 years, which allows reducing electricity costs without large initial investments. More information about Swedbank's offer: here, about Inbank leasing: here.

    Application for purchase of goods in cooperation with Inbank leasing: here. You will receive an answer about the possibility to receive a financing service only within a few minutes after filling in the form.

  • 100% green electricity for 10 years with 0 margin
    At times, when the solar panel system does not produce enough energy for your home consumption (night, winter), we offer to purchase additional green energy for market price!

  • Guaranteed quality
    Additionally to the valuable knowledge, we offer equipment from the world's leading manufacturers, and installation of the solar panels is performed by experienced specialists. Enefit solar panels have a 12-year warranty; solar invertor – a 5-year warranty; and installations works – a 2-year warranty. Enefit also provides a 25-year efficiency warranty for the solar panels.

  • Reliable partner
    "Enefit" is an affiliate of the Estonian national energy company with 15 years of experience in Latvian market. We guarantee that we will be here today and for the years to come. We are not only reliable, but also experienced partner, since we implement solar panel projects in the entire Baltic Sea region.

Join the journey to Zero!

Renewable electricity solutions are the fastest, most convenient and easiest way to reduce the greenhouse effect to zero.

By allowing green electricity to enter your home, you reduce both your carbon emissions and your ecological footprint.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Payback time of solar panels depends on the time of set of panels, electricity consumption and other factors. If you would like to find out the payback time exactly for your property, we invite you to apply for consultations, but on average it takes 10-12 years.

We can install the solar panels right after harmonization of documents, agreeing on the time of installation beforehand. Installation of solar panels takes 1-2 days on average, but the whole process in general takes approximately 1-2 months.

Currently no projects for implementation of EU support funds is not in force in Latvia, within which it would be possible to receive support for installation of solar panels. You can follow the current information on availability of such support projects on the website of EU funds.

Electricity produced by solar panels may be used within the same connection, at the address where the system is installed and connected. At the same time, Enefit offers to buy back the amount of electricity produced and unused. The amount calculated for the amount of electricity transferred over the network may be transferred to cover the electricity bill of another address (In the case of a trader's contract both must be on the same customer's name).

In addition to complete solar panel solution you will get 100% green electricity for 10 years with 0 margin!

At times, when the solar panel system does not produce enough energy for your home consumption (night, winter), we offer to purchase additional energy for market price!