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Solar panels

Benefit from solar energy

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Become an energy producer today!

Get electricity for your home and make money selling unused energy.

The extensive experience of Enefit group companies in renewable energy production ensures a full solar panel installation cycle, the lowest costs on the market and good payment options.

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Solar panel calculator

Find out how much might cost solar panels in your household!

In case you wish to build a solar power plant with an aim to produce electric energy purely to sell to the grid, please contact us by sending an e-mail to elektriba@enefit.lv

Why choose Enefit solar panels?

  • Reduce energy costs
    The costs of energy generated by solar panels are significantly lower than the market price of electricity and allow you to substantially reduce your electricity bill. In addition, you do not have to pay Sadales Tīkls or mandatory Procurement Component tariffs for solar energy consumed in your home, which normally account for two thirds of your electricity costs.

  • Sell surplus energy
    During daylight hours Enefit will buy surplus electricity from you at current energy exchange prices. This is beneficial because during the day the price at the energy exchange is at its highest while at night it drops significantly. Therefore, during the day, solar panels cover household consumption and earn money while at night you can get electricity for your needs at a bargain price.

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  • Sustainable solution
    Solar is 100% renewable energy, which does not have any harmful effect on the environment and allows you to reduce the ecological footprint of your household. At the same time, this solution boosts your property value.

  • Full service
    Enefit performs all work related to solar panel installation and servicing from all design and construction work to preparation of the necessary documents and equipment maintenance. Our solutions include high-quality solar panels from the world's leading manufacturers, which have been carefully selected.

  • 15-year warranty
    Enefit ensures regular maintenance of the installed solar panels for the entire duration of your agreement and a 15-year warranty. The solar panel inverter comes with a five-year guarantee and installation work with a two-year warranty.

How does it work?

Site survey

We review each building separately to find the best solution


We agree on the installation time, payment conditions and warranty


We design, perform installation work and connect solar panels to the grid


We obtain the necessary permits and issue technical documentation for commissioning the project

Solar energy production

Your home gets renewable energy for its own needs and we will buy any surplus energy from you