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Fixed or Dynamic price. We have everything for the energy of your home!

Solar panels

Enefit offers full project supervision and a 25-year warranty

Energy efficiency

Reducing consumption is not the only way to cut electricity costs

Electrical equipment insurance

Protect your electrical equipment and yourself!

The calculation is based on the most common service type, i.e. the Elektrum Universālais tariff, and S1 16A Sadales Tīkls tariff.

Fixed product’s contract term is 24 months.

NP LV average weighted price of the November (with AS "Sadales tīkls" coefficients). The historical market price may differ from the future price.

*According to studies conducted by Enefit, Enefit energy efficiency advice results in average power savings of 10-20%.

Why choose Enefit?

Fast and convenient service

Simple connection and collaboration. Nice and quick service.


We have been consulting in electricity, natural gas and technical matters for 15 years.


Affiliate of the Estonian national energy company "Eesti Energia" and the largest wind energy producer in the Baltic States.


We have been constantly increasing the volume of energy produced from renewable sources, furthermore, we offer Green energy and solar panels.

Customer feedback on Enefit

"I received a clear explanation on electricity market at last. And recommended to my relatives and friends. "

Ieva, 30, Sigulda

"Enefit staff is always kind and deal with all issues quickly. I register the readings by using Enefit application - quickly and conveniently. When entering into the contract, I agreed to support green energy. It costs me mere 1 euro per month, but the feeling of doing something good means much more to me. "

Inta, 25, Rīga

"I chose Enefit, and amounts in the invoices really decreased; furthermore, customer service is at very high level."

Edgars, 35, Rīga

"I'm glad to see that Enefit thinks also about their current customers. Of course, the greatest pleasure is brought by the good price, but additionally I receive useful tips, as well as small and pleasant surprises (free drink for survey, free ticket to movie), which makes my daily life better."

Jānis, 32, Limbaži

"Very responsive and kind people. Besides reduction of daily expenses is enabled not only by the bargain price, but also by the energy efficiency advices!"

Renāta, 30, Rīga

"Quality, price, service and attitude - I am pleased with absolutely everything!"

Indra, 33, Grobiņa

"When I entered into the contract, all provisions were clear, and the communication was simple and pleasant! I have recommended Enefit to many of my acquaintances."

Inga, 36, Salaspils

"Registration of readings and invoices, as well as the application and website are clear and convenient with Enefit. Nothing spare!"

Dace, 35, Kandava

"Everything has been understandabel and clear for me from the day one. No hidden trap."

Mārtiņš, 62, Līgatne

"I've got a feeling that I am together with my own people, and not with vultures looking forward to overcharge. I can rely on honest attitude and long-term cooperation!"

Evija, 38, Stopiņi