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Subsidy + discount from us

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Apply for solar panels

Enefit electricity

Sign contract without leaving your home and within a few minutes

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Fixed and invariable or exchange-linked electricity price

Solar panels

Enefit offers full project supervision and a 25-year warranty

Electric car charging

Enefit Volt chargers for greener future

Energy efficiency

Reducing consumption is not the only way to cut electricity costs

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Why choose Enefit?

Fast and convenient service

Simple connection and collaboration. Nice and quick service.


We have been consulting in energy matters for more than 15 years.


Affiliate of the Estonian national energy company "Eesti Energia" and the largest wind energy producer in the Baltic States.


We are constantly increasing the amount of green energy produced, we offer green electricity and solar panels.

Everything for your home in one place

Solar panels Green electricity Electric car Insurance Pellets Electricity Solar panels Green electricity Electric car Insurance Pellets Electricity

Enefit Latvija app

Information about your contract and electricity consumption, bills, newest electricity exchange prices and submission of electricity meter readings.

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Useful tips

Get acquainted with the information that will help you navigate in the energy world.