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Buy and use energy
more efficiently!

Slow down your meters!

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Fixed or Dynamic price. We have everything for the energy of your home!

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Energy efficiency

Reducing consumption is not the only way to cut electricity costs

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Solar panels

Enefit offers full project supervision and a 15-year warranty

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Find out what product is the best for you

How many addresses do you wish to connect?

What is the total average monthly consumption for all addresses?


The calculation is based on the most common service type, i.e. the Elektrum Universālais tariff, and S1 16A Sadales Tīkls tariff. *According to studies conducted by Enefit, Enefit energy efficiency advice results in average power savings of 10-20%.


€ /month

A variable electricity price that follows energy exchange fluctuations

Agreement duration: Indefinite

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€ /month

Fixed electricity price for each consumed kWh

Agreement duration: 24 months

What is in the electricity bill? Sign an agreement

Why Enefit?

Simple, modern offer

No penalties or other hidden costs

Best practices from Scandinavia