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About us

Together we create new energy


SIA Enefit is one of the largest electricity and gas traders in Latvia. In addition to the widest range of energy purchasing products on the market, Enefit also offers technical solutions and support tools for companies to improve energy efficiency, as well as solar panel solutions for households. AS Eesti Energia, the parent company of SIA Enefit, is the largest wind energy producer in the Baltic States. In the international market, Enefit is represented in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland.

Enefit history

Enefit starts working in Latvia
Number of Enefit customers reaches 100 companies
Start of green energy production, construction of a cogeneration plant in Valka
Number of Enefit customers grows to more than 1,500 companies
Enefit celebrates its 10th anniversary
Enefit starts selling natural gas to companies
Enefit offers technical solutions and support tools for boosting energy efficiency
Enefit starts working with private customers

Eesti Energia

Eesti Energia is a group of energy companies, the largest energy and one of the largest renewable energy producers in the Baltics, producing electricity from oil shale, wind, biomass and mixed household waste.

The group has more than 20 companies with about 5,800 employees.

In addition to Latvia and Estonia, companies from the Enefit brand operate in Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Germany, Jordan and USA.

Our customers

Corporate customers

Currently we supply electricity to more than 2,000 corporate customers in Latvia. Our natural gas portfolio has more than 300 companies.

Private customers

Enefit now also offers the experience it has gained working with corporate customers and the best Scandinavian market practices to Latvian households.

Find out what we can do for your home!

Our team

The Enefit team is comprised of specialists in various areas who provide professional and quick support to Enefit customer in all energy-related matters.

The Enefit mission – To offer efficient solutions that meet our customers’ needs while increasing production of renewable energy and promoting care for the environment. 


Bank details


"Swedbank" AS
"Citadele" AS
"Luminor" AS


"Swedbank" AS

Technical projects


Cooperation partners


When paying the invoice, please pay to any of the bank accounts specified in the invoice.