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Charging electric cars

Enefit VOLT - Charge your electric car easily and conveniently anywhere

Enefit VOLT charging at home -
the most suitable charging solution for you

Driving an electric car is easy and enjoyable, but selecting a charger and doing electrical work is not always as pleasant. We help you make complicated things simple - from selecting a charger to installing it. Get started and see for yourself!

Choose the most suitable charger

Cheaper together!

Charging in Enefit Volt public network - 15% off for a year

Future-proof smart charger

A mobile app for chargers will come soon

Fast, high-quality and safe installation of chargers

We always provide chargers together with installation

Flexible payment methods

In addition to ordinary purchase, we offer the option to pay in installments

Enefit VOLT home chargers are designed for the future

We offer the future-proof electric car home charger Elinta Homebox Slim with all the necessary accessories. The chargers are available in three capacities: 7.4 kW, 11 kW, 22 kW. Find the perfect option for your home and electric car, using our charger selection assistant.

All chargers

The offer is indicative. Make an inquiry and we will contact you within 2 business days.

Make an inquiry

Five steps towards your own home charger

Find your charger

Use the charger selection assistant to find the perfect charger and send us your inquiry.

Price quote

We will contact you within two business days, specify the details of the offer, and send a price quote.

It’s a deal

If you wish, you can purchase the charger by paying in installments.


Our highly qualified specialists will install the charger at a suitable time for you.

Start charging

Enjoy the convenient home charging of your electric car. We will soon add the possibility to control the charging via an app.

Looking for more information or an answer to your question?

Frequently asked questions