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Solar electricity

Solar electricity is a universal source of renewable energy which may be used for the generation of electricity and hot water. Application of solar energy has great potential. In recent years, the demand for solar energy has grown as a result of the rise of prices of energy resources. Moreover, the prices of devices used for the collection of solar energy have decreased.

Enefit offers customers advantageous conditions for the generation of electricity.

The cooperation model offered by Enefit:

  • Assessment of the current situation;
  • Performing of calculations;
  • Drawing up documents for the Ministry of Economics and AS Sadales tīkls
  • Installation of solar panels and inverters
  • The customer owns the installed system and the amount of electricity generated by it;
  • The pay-off time is 8-10 years (depending on the level of complexity of the project);
  • 25-year warranty.

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Request an offer

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