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Installation of reactive power compensation devices

In all alternating current networks, two types of power are consumed – active and reactive power.

Active power P (kW) – is the useful power which is consumed by loads, such as lighting, heaters, etc.

Reactive power Q (kVAr) – is consumed solely for the creation of magnetic fields for electric machines, electric motors and transformers

Reactive power leads to an increase of current in the electricity transmission grid which may cause:

  • overload of transformers;
  • overload of the transmission system;
  • drop of voltage;
  • increase of electricity consumption.

Enefit offers to reduce electricity consumption at your business by installing reactive energy compensation devices.

Benefits from installation of reactive power compensation devices:

  • reduced electricity consumption;
  • more efficient use of electric installation;
  • improved quality of voltage;
  • reduced drop of voltage;
  • reduced transmission losses, etc.

The cooperation model offered by Enefit:

  • Assessment of the current situation;
  • Technical analysis and performing of calculations;
  • The solution of the compensation device is the property of Enefit during the pay-off period;
  • Upon conclusion of the project, the savings and the device become the property of the customer.

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