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Our products offer you a choice – to fix fundamental price of electricity in Scandinavian markets or choose the more dynamic solution – NordPool SPOT Latvia area price. Contract periods are flexible and may be concluded for a month, season or year.

Enefit client managers will consult you and help choosing the most suitable solution for your company.

Electricity solutions

Fixed Price

  • The price remains unchanged during the contract period;
  • Easy to plan the company's long-term expenses;
  • No impact from price fluctuations in the electricity market;
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Fixed + Border crossing

  • An opportunity to separately choose the moment to fix the price of electricity in Estonia and to fix the price of delivery thereof;
  • An opportunity to conclude a contract well before the starting date of the actual delivery of electricity, at the moment when the price is lower.
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Market Price

  • In the long-term, the exchange product is more advantageous than the fixed price product;
  • By adapting consumption to the exchange price, it is possible to decrease electricity expenses;
  • The contract does not provide for the application of a fee for early termination of the contract.
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Additional products

Base Energy

  • The base energy price is fixed
  • Best solution for large production companies
  • Agreement period up to 5 years
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CO2 emission allowances

  • Sale and purchase of CO2 allowances
  • Financial trades of CO2 allowances
  • Consultations regarding the CO2 trade

Pieprasīt piedāvājumu

Pieprasīt piedāvājumu

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