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Join the journey to Zero

Zero has never had such a high value

Renewable electricity solutions are the fastest, most convenient and easiest way to zero emissions.

Why is zero so valuable?

In the last 70 years, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased almost 100 times.

Because of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, the planet is warming – the climate is changing, habitats are declining, plant and animal species are disappearing.

Anyone can be a hero

Everyone’s daily habits influence the achievement of Zero. The energy solutions you choose can be your way towards Zero.

We believe that moving towards renewable energy is the fastest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly solution to achieve carbon neutrality.

How to join us on the way towards Zero?

Green energy

The easiest and simplest way to make the first step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Solar energy solutions

The best and easiest way to start producing a fully environmentally friendly energy.

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Energy efficiency

Less consumption is not the only way to reduce the cost of electricity. Moreover, efficient energy consumption helps to save resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

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Allow Green Energy to enter your home

Indicate the average monthly electricity consumption of your house:

kWh per month

The positive impact of your Green Energy on the environment:

CO2 emissions reduce

not driven by a motor-vehicle

planted during the year

We, Enefit, are also on our way towards Zero

Greener electricity production

In 2020, a record share of the Group’s electricity output was achieved by using renewable and alternative energy sources. In addition to that, we are committed to reaching Zero in our production by 2045.

Overview of the last year »

Circular economy

We create energy from old tires, limestone, wood waste, oil shale ash and plan to do the same from plastic in the future.

Our contribution to the environment »

Enefit Idea Hub

We are leaders of energy innovation and are developing new technologies so that they become convenient, useful and environmentally friendly solutions.

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We are responsible

We focus on three areas: young people and future generations, raising awareness about a healthy lifestyle, sustainability and green thinking in our daily lives. In Latvia we cooperate with and support SOS Children's Villages.

Our contribution »

What is carbon neutrality and the green revolution?

In the energy industry, the green revolution means a gradual transition to green electricity. By choosing green energy, you will reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and the ecological footprint or impact that you have on the environment.

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