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Krists Mertens appointed as the Chairman of the Board of the energy company Enefit

Krists Mertens appointed as the Chairman of the Board of the energy company Enefit

Changes have taken place in the Board of SIA Enefit, subsidiary of the Estonian energy company Eesti Energia, as the previous Head of Business Development and Board Member of Enefit Krists Mertens was appointed as the company’s Chairman of the Board. Mārtiņš Vancāns, Head of the Private Customer Sales and Service segment of Enefit, and Inese Dosē, Head of business Research and Development of Eesti Energia, have also been appointed as members of the Board. In turn the former Board Member of Enefit Indrek Randveer has taken on new professional challenges outside Eesti Energia, hence the operations of Enefit in Latvia will be supervised by a Board consisting of three members.

Krists Mertens has been working for the company since 2015, managing business development projects, including supervision of the company entering the Latvian natural gas market. Since 2018, K.Mertens has been successfully working in the Board of Enefit, being in charge of implementing the development strategy of Eesti Energia both in legal person and household market segments in Latvia and at the same time supervising the company’s compliance with requirements of the energy market regulations.

Taking into account that one of the strategic goals of Enefit for the future years is to continue active growth in the private customer market segment, introducing more and more new products and services, the company’s Board is joined by Mārtiņš Vancāns, as private customer service was successfully commenced by Enefit last year under his supervision. M.Vancāns has previously worked in different positions at the telecommunications company TET, managing the business planning division and supervising sales and marketing activities in several customer segments. He has graduated the BA School of Business and Finance with a masters degree in innovative entrepreneurship. One of the main tasks of M.Vancāns will also be to ensure further growth of the Enefit household segment, developing the company’s offering in this area.

Inese Dosē has previously worked within the new product development team of Eesti Energia, managing projects of different scope in the Baltic States and Poland. She has obtained a Global Energy Master of Business Administration degree from the Warwick Business School in Great Britain and has over 10 years of experience in helping to develop energy consultation business for companies in London and for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Latvia. Further on, I. Dosē will supervise business development of Enefit and introduction of new solutions in the legal person market segment.

The main tasks of the Enefit Board remain ensuring stable operation of the company and retaining leading positions in the Latvian energy market, ensuring an invariably high-quality customer service. At the same time, important goals for the near future are to continue working on introduction of new energy products and solutions both in legal person customer and private person market segments in Latvia, helping customers to improve their energy efficiency, reduce energy expenditure and to support minimising of climate changes.