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Enefit offers a choice of 100% solar or wind energy for your home

Enefit offers a choice of 100% solar or wind energy for your home

Following the increasing interest of consumers in the possibility of using sustainable and environment-friendly solutions in everyday life, the second largest electricity merchant in Latvia, Enefit, has introduced in the Baltic countries a unique offer of renewable energy for households: a possibility to choose which type of green electricity to use in your home: generated by wind or by solar energy. Now everyone is able to promote the generation of environment-friendly energy, while being aware of what type of energy generation is used.

Purchase of energy generated by wind or solar power plants for your home is a relevant solutions to those users of electricity which desire to reduce their impact on environment and use the green energy, yet they are not able or are not ready to install the solar panels or other solutions. At the same time, such an opportunity is useful also to the owners of solar panel systems because they can then use the renewable energy during the dark hours as well by purchasing the additional volume of necessary energy.

As explained by Enefit Manager Krists Mertens, interest in such a solution gradually increases along with the growing trend of popularity of an environment-friendly lifestyle: “People more actively keep track of what and how they consume every day. Energy that we use in our homes and vehicles is the most significant of items for reducing our impact on environment. This far, we offered for the Baltic market the green energy generated from various renewable resources, but now everyone can choose a specific green energy resource: either sun or wind. Energy which is generated from renewable resources is already rather popular in our neighbouring countries. For example, every third household in Estonia chooses the green electricity. We are still at the beginning of this road in Latvia, but the interest people show in renewable energy is steadfast in growth: last year the number of consumers of the green energy among Enefit customers grew three times.”

Purchase of the renewable energy is the simplest way to make a significant step towards more environment-friendly lifestyle. When it chooses energy which is 100% generated from renewable resources, a household which on average consumes 200 kilowatt-hours per month reduces their CO2 emissions by approximately 750 kg. It is approximately the same volume that can be absorbed by 289 deciduous trees and the same volume we create by driving 5,236 km with any of the cars most often used in Latvia.

“The choice households make for the renewable energy may have a much greater impact than it may seem initially. We should remember that in the consumer culture demand drives supply. A greater demand for the renewable energy promotes a more rapid transition of energy producers towards generation of an environment-friendly energy. The greater the number of the users of the green energy, the greater the proportion of renewable energy in the total electricity production and less CO2 emission created during the process,” explained Krists Mertens.

The strategic goal of Enefit is to develop a sustainable energy consumption both by households and companies. Therefore, already at the moment Enefit offers various energy solutions to increase the energy efficiency and installation of solar energy panels, alongside the solutions for the purchase of the renewable energy. Moreover, soon the company plans to supplement their assortment of environment-friendly energy solutions with the trade in charging equipment for electric cars.