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Learn about the most important industry news and trends

Enefit increases its client portfolio three times

Enefit increases its client portfolio three times


Enefit, the second largest electricity trader in Latvia, increased its client portfolio three times in 2019 and reached a turnover of 58.06 million euros, thanks to a successful start in the household market. In total, transactions on the sales of 1017 GWh electricity and 330 GWh gas were concluded. Compared to 2018, the number of energy efficiency projects increased three times, thereby modernising the energy field of Latvian companies.

Let's check five tips to reduce electricity bill!

Let's check five tips to reduce electricity bill!


Daily life in today's electrified world is not imaginable without various electric appliances, which take care of our daily needs, comfort and entertainment. Electricity prices are constantly fluctuating, and other daily expenses are growing accordingly, thus making us seek more actively ways to save without losing the usual comfort. At the same time, there is always a question – how much energy do we “let go through the chimney” due to inefficient household management?

Trešdaļa mājsaimniecību gatavi ražot savu elektrību

One third of households are prepared to produce energy


Although solar is not yet a sufficiently popular energy source in Latvia, the interest of households in solar energy is growing rapidly. Data summarised by Enefit clearly show that the number of households producing their own energy has doubled in the past three years. This year’s survey demonstrated that 30% of Latvian consumers were considering installation of solar energy solutions in their homes.

Already more than 1,000 households have chosen Enefit

Already more than 1,000 households have chosen Enefit


During the couple of weeks since the energy company Enefit started selling electricity to Latvian households, high interest in the offer from the company has enabled them to rapidly strengthen positions in this market segment. At the moment, Enefit already provides electricity to more than 1,200 households. High interest can be observed in the installation of solar panels, which can be explained by the ever-increasing popularity of green energy solutions.

Enefit pērn palielinājis pārdotās enerģijas apjomu

Enefit’s sold energy volume increased last year


Enefit, the second largest energy trader in Latvia, has continued its growth in 2018 by expanding its customer portfolio and increasing the volume of energy sold by 15%. The development of the company was primarily determined by the successful offering of energy efficiency solutions as well as active operation in the newly opened natural gas market. Entry into the Swedish and Finnish household electricity market in the spring of last year, in turn, has created a stable platform for acquiring the Latvian household market.

Enefit launches in the household segment

Enefit launches in the household segment


By opening an improvised place of selling in the Vegetables Pavilion of Riga Central Market on 5 March, Enefit, a subsidiary of the largest energy producer in the Baltic Region, Eesti Energia, commenced selling of electricity to Latvian households, thus reminding each inhabitant that the electric energy market is open. The key to Enefit’s offering is simple products that offer more favorable purchasing of electricity with no trader markup for volume consumed. Consumers are also offered a convenient digital self-service platform and new solutions for the use of renewable energy resources in their households.

2019. gads enerģētikā – patērētāju izaugsmes gads

2019 in the Power Industry — A Year of Customer Growth


The power industry reached a kind of maturity last year when consumer costs for electricity and natural gas were primarily influenced by global open market processes and not by changes in local market regulations or the infrastructure. At the same time, this means that, due to the global increase in the price of power resources, government decisions regarding complete opening of the natural gas market and review of the MPC will make all consumers, be they households or a businesses, monitor their consumption much more actively in 2019.