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Installation checklist

Please choose between the following options to determine your installation price


Include in monthly rent?

You can include standard installation as part of your monthly rent fee or choose to pay it upfront as a one-time-fee.


No (pay as one-time fee)


Do you need cabling?

The charger needs to be connected to the electrical cabinet through electric cable.


No (already done)


Do you have A of available power?

If no or if you’re not sure, to avoid power shortages and blackouts we can install a DLM device that automatically regulates the maximum EV charging speed.

Learn how DLM works »


No (I need a DLM)


Charger mounting

The standard solution is to install the charger on the house wall. Mounting a charger on a dedicated pole will be come as a personalised offer.

On the wall

Charging pole

Total monthly fee:

(VAT included)


Offer details


By experienced specialists.

Price per month

  • Before making a final offer, we will evaluate whether the installation of the charging device at your property complies with our standard installation requirements and whether any additional installation works need to be performed.
  • The customer's electrical system (including the main switchboard and main circuit breaker) must meet modern requirements and be in good working condition to allow the connection of a circuit breaker. If these requirements are not ensured, it will be considered additional work and will be invoiced separately.
  • For installation +50 km from Roberta Hirsa Street 1, Riga, LV-1045, Latvia, additional transport costs will be applied according to the current price list.
  • Learn more about the contract's terms and conditions pertaining to electric vehicle chargers.

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