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Wood pellets

Reduce your heating costs!

1. Lower heating costs

2. Premium quality wood pellets

3. Delivery to any location in Latvia

1. Eco-friendly fuel

2. Convenient use

3. Made in Latvia

Receive an attractive offer!

The contest "Win pallet of wood pellets"

Until March, on the second Friday of each month, we'll choose one lucky person who will acquire a palette of Enefit Premium quality wood pellets and free delivery throughout Latvia.

How to reduce heating costs?


Place the order for the wood pellets

We will arrange the order via the phone, specifying the amount required and the delivery address.


Pay the invoice

The invoice for the wood pellets will be issued and has to be paid.


Receive delivery at your doorstep

In cooperation with DB Schenker, we will deliver the wood pellets to any location in Latvia as specified and at the agreed time.


Generate heat

Generate heat at your home, using eco-friendly resources.

Why to choose Enefit wood pellets?

  • Premium (Enplus A1) wood pellets with high heating efficiency and low ash content

  • Diameter – 6 mm, humidity < 8%, ash content ≤ 0.7%, net calorific value ≥ 4.8 kWh/kg

  • Made at the Enefit Green plant in Brocēni

Frequently Asked Questions

The price per pallet, including delivery to any location in Latvia and VAT, is EUR 189.

The minimum order is one pallet of Enefit wood pellets.

One pallet of Enefit wood pellets contains 900 kg (60 x 15 kg).

The delivery will be made to the door in any location in Latvia within a week.