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Best time to start EV charging at home

Everything you need for smart charging.

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The all inclusive charging solution for your home

  • Award-winning smart EV charger from Elinta
  • Installation by experienced specialists
  • DLM device for speed and safety
  • A 2-year guarantee for the charger and the installation

2269 € (with standard installation and DLM device)

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Just drive and leave the charging to us

  • Experienced partner you can count on

    We have developed the largest EV charging network in the Baltics, offer energy services to over 700 000 customers and are here to stay.

  • Full solution from A to Z

    We take care of the delivery, installation and configuration of the charger. We are also with you after you start charging and offer a smart charging application, customer support and warranty maintenance.

  • Smart chargers

    All Enefit Volt chargers have built in 4G modems with SIM cards. Data connection is provided by Enefit and always complimentary to the charger.

    Internet connection enables over-the-air updates to the charger and to add new features and make improvements over time. If there should occur technical problem with the device we can diagnose and repair your device remotely.

  • Complimentary smart charging application

    It's suitable for all electric cars and models and helps you time the charge, when the electricity prices are the lowest without any hassle.

Dynamic load control

Adding the dynamic load control device to your order helps to ensure charging speed & safety, while saving you time & money.

Avoid worrying about power cutouts or purchasing additional power capacity.

Enefit Volt chargers come with a smart charging application

  • What is smart charging?

    Simply put, smart charging is charging with the best electricity prices. You can make it happen automatically, and leave it all for the smart algorithm to pick the best Nordpool hours to charge. With a fixed electricty package, you can schedule it manually.

  • Why is it useful for you today?

    Simply put, you can save on your charging expenses. We studied client case studies, who have the Nordpool Spot electricity package, and noted up to 50% savings on a monthly basis. All without any hassle or timing your charge times manually. It means, that you can earn back the investment you make on your charger just by downloading the app and going through the simple set-up.

    When you have a fixed electricity deal at home, smart charging still has benefits. You will be part of the solution during this energy crisis by avoiding charging during peak hours. You can also still save on your costs by charing during night time and have all the extra features, like tracking your charging history to make it worth while.

  • Why is it useful for you in the future?

    We are constantly developing new features and adding to your smart charging experience. You can soon connect your car that will make the smart charging even smarter and we are preparing readiness for V2G features as well.

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Also available as monthly rent

Our mission is to drive our clients towards a greener future.

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