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Frequently Asked Questions


Electricity bill

Connection of services

Solar panels

Installation of solar panels

Charging for home and business



Every product has its own advantages, and your choice will depend on your consumption habits, i.e. on whether you prefer stability or being able to monitor your household consumption actively to look for new ways to economise.

Dynamic means that you will buy electricity at the stock price with a service fee of 0.005 EUR/kWh. Influenced by the market and consumption tendencies, this price changes every hour. Thus, you may adapt your electricity consumption actively to consume more when the exchange price is the lowest and to economise when it climbs up. The Dynamic product is usually more economical than the Fixed one in the long term, but you need to take into account that there will be “more expensive” and “cheaper” months.

On the other hand, if you want a simple and stable solution that does not require monitoring price fluctuations, choose the Fixed 12 or the Fixed 24 tariff plan. With Fixed, you will have a fixed electricity price for 12 months or 24 months.

2 EUR/month is a customer service and support fee that includes invoicing and call center services. It is not affected by the customer's monthly electricity consumption.

The prices of electrical energy in the Baltic Region are fixed by the Nord Pool Spot exchange. Each state has its own price region in which the prices of electricity change every hour. The current prices of the Nord Pool Spot exchange prices in Latvia can be accessed by using this link.

The current exchange prices may also be monitored conveniently in the free application Enefit Latvija. Furthermore, you may also use the application to see the electricity consumption of your household, receive and pay the bill and enter the meter readings.

Download the Enefit Latvija app to your smart device:

Insurance of electric appliances protects you against losses potentially caused by faults in the power grid or power outages. Such faults in the power grid may irreversibly damage TV sets, computers and also more substantial household systems, such as heating equipment. If an accident occurs, the insurance will protect you against losses because you will be able to receive a compensation for the repair of the damaged appliances or the purchase of new ones.

The electric appliance insurance covers various types of potential accidents and provides coverage for any electric appliances which are damaged by overvoltage or undervoltage, power outages or even the consequences of natural phenomena, such as a lightning strike.

Learn more about Insurance of electric appliances and Conditions of the Enefit Electrical equipment insurance agreement.

Yes, the price of the Enefit Universal product is 0.18 eur/kWh inclusive of the VAT. The minimum product usage period is 1 month, the contract is signed for a period of 12 months, and there is no contractual penalty for early termination. To apply for the Enefit Universal tariff, please call 6000 0055.

When signing the contract remotely, all parties are entitled to refuse the chosen service within 14 days. If you wish to exercise this right of termination, please call the Enefit contact centre at 6000 0055.

Green electricity

The Green energy is being produced from renewable resources which are available in unlimited quantities and are regenerating faster than being consumed. Such energy resources are: wind, water, sun, warmth created by earth or water, energy of the sea waves, biomass, waste, gases of the sewage treatment plants and biogas. Enefit is producing its own Green energy, simultaneously buying it also from other producers in Europe.

Enefit is the only electricity trader in Latvia that offers only Green electricity if you choose any of our electricity products with additional product Green energy.

The amount of Green energy kWh used by the clients each month is being covered with source certificates by Enefit, purchasing them from renewable energy producers. The source certificates are the only legally correct form in Europe to proove the origin of the energy. All customers who choose Enefit electricity products with the additional product Green Energy also receive the Enefit Green Energy Certificate.

By buying Green electricity, you reduce the environmental impact of your home and contribute to the production of renewable energy, as the money you spend goes to wind, solar, water and other renewable energy producers. Renewable energy is not only a cheaper energy resource, but also releases significantly less CO2 into the atmosphere.

Enefit Green, a company of Eesti Energia Group, is one of the largest renewable energy producers in the Baltic States, generating electricity from wind, water, solar and biomass. Its renewable energy plants are located in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. In total, Enefit Green produces green energy from 22 wind farms, 38 solar power plants, a pellet factory, one hydroelectric power plant and a waste-to-energy plant. Find out more about Enefit Green.


If you have a smart electricity meter, you do not need to submit the readings because they are automatically read remotely.

The clients may submit readings from an ordinary meter between the 27th day of the month and the 3rd day of the following month. For example, the meter readings for March may be submitted from 27th March until 3rd April.

If you have an ordinary meter, the readings can be submitted:

If the meter reading is not submitted on time and you do not have a smart meter which can be read remotely, the amount for your electricity bill for that particular month will be calculated based on your average consumption.

A smart electricity meter is a device for measuring the electricity consumption which makes it possible to read data and service the device remotely. Furthermore, these meters offer wider opportunities for monitoring the hourly energy consumption of your household and analysing it in order to see how various devices and our habits affect our energy consumption.

Smart meters are installed and serviced by JSC Sadales tīkls, which is responsible for the servicing of the electric energy distribution networks in Latvia. The plan for the implementation of these meters envisages installation of smart electricity meters for all properties in Latvia by year 2022.

In an open electricity market, the sale of electric energy is based on the principle of hourly consumption. If the client does not have a smart meter installed, i.e. the client’s meter does not record the hourly consumption, the breakdown of the electric energy consumed within a 24-hour period is applied for payment purposes, based on the standard load pattern.

Energy origin


JSC "Sadales tīkls" takes care of the electricity distribution system and its maintenance. In case of technical problems, it is possible to report by calling the "Sadales tīkls" damage reporting phone number 8404.



a) SEB, Swedbank, Citadele and Luminor clients can pay their invoices via the self-service portal “My Enefit” and mobile application “Enefit Latvija”.

b) Via your online banking system as a transfer to one of Enefit’s accounts. Please provide client’s number in the payment order.

„Swedbank“ AS - LV17HABA0551045915146

„SEB“ AS - LV35UNLA0055000921260

„Citadele“ AS - LV09PARX0013075950001

„Luminor“ AS - LV46RIKO0002930263450

c) In bank and Latvijas Pasts branches, as well as Mego stores.

If you have other ideas how to make payments easier, please send your suggestions to: [email protected].

The total amount in the electricity bill consists of several components, of which only one third is the price of electric energy:

  • The price of electricity at which electric energy is purchased from the supplier and which depends on the chosen tariff type.
  • The fee for the supply of electric energy to the consumer or the tariff of the distribution network fixed by JSC Sadales tīkls.
  • The mandatory procurement component (MPC).

You will receive the bill for the electric energy consumed during the previous month in your e-mail by the 9th day of the subsequent month.

Yes, if you have signed a contract for the supply of electric energy to several properties registered with JSC Sadales tīkls in your name, then Enefit will include all of them in a single bill.

You will receive the bill for the electric energy consumed during the previous month in your e-mail by the 9th day of the next month, and the payment must be made til the end of that month.

Yes, you may transfer an amount greater than the amount specified on the bill when paying your monthly bill. After the payment of the bill, the balance will be used as an advance for the payments to be made in the subsequent months.

In case there’s an overpayment situation and you want it refunded, fill out the application hereunder and send it to the e-mail address [email protected].

The application can also be signed using an electronic signature, but in case this is not possible, print out the application, sign it and send a picture of it to the previously stated e‑mail address.

Household overpayment refund application (doc) »

Corporate overpayment refund application (doc) »


Connection of Services

Becoming a client of Enefit is quick and easy:

  • Choose the most suitable service and additional products for you. Learn more here;
  • Authorise via the Internet bank;
  • Select your property that you would like to buy electricity from Enefit for;
  • Confirm the contract;

We shall take care of all the other matters associated with the change of supplier.

Please notethat an application for the change of your electric energy supplier for the next month must be submitted by the 15th day of the current month. If you apply in the second half of the month, the change of supplier will take effect on the 1st day of the month following the coming month.

The electricity supply contract will take effect on the 1st day of the month, and it must be signed at least 15 days before the beginning of the month. This means that, if you would like the contract to be effective on 1st April, it must be signed by 15th March at the latest.

Enefit Dynamic product does not charge a termination fee. If you want to change the price of a product linked to the exchange price to a fixed price per kWh, you can do so free of charge.

The Enefit Fixed product has an early termination fee of €32, decreasing by €4 per quarter.

Enefit Energy Independence product also includes an early termination fee. It is €200 and decreases by €25 per quarter.

At any time, the general terms and conditions of the contract can be accessed here.

Signing a contract for several addresses is not possible. Each address requires a separate contract, but we offer a 50% discount on the service fee for each additional address.

You can get 50% off the initial connection fee by adding another property.



It is important to purchase your solar panels from a trustworthy seller offering a quality guarantee to ensure that all the components meet all applicable standards, including the EU standards. Enefit offers solar panel products from the world’s leading manufacturers (Canadian Solar, Recom, Risen etc.), and the manufacturers we work with are included in Tier 1 Reliability Index.

Enefit price includes a full service including, project development, solar panels transforming the sunlight into direct current, invertor transforming the direct current into alternating current (it is used for household needs), structural elements, cables and bindings, transport services, and installation works.

Enefit solar panels are guaranteed from 12 years; solar invertor – a 10-year warranty; and installations works – a 2-year warranty. Enefit also provides a 25-year efficiency warranty for the solar panels, meaning that after 25 years the solar panels will generate no less than 80% of the installed capacity, as wells as offering the investor the possibility to purchase the additional factory warranty.

It may be discovered during the harmonisation process of documents that connection must be constructed or reconstructed in your property at your own expense. In this case, Enefit provides a possibility to terminate the contract free of charge, refunding also 100% of the deposited security sum or the first instalment. Pay attention whether other traders have also taken it into consideration.

At any time, the general terms and conditions of the contract can be accessed here »

Solar panels

A solar panel system is a solar energy solution that serves as a micro-generator to convert the energy of sunlight into electricity. The systems offered by Enefit consist of solar panels, roof or ground mounts and an inverter that is placed indoors and that converts the direct current produced by the panels into alternating current. This alternating current is then used for the home’s own consumption or passed on to the common network.

Since the solar panels are connected to the common electricity transmission system, generation of the solar panels is switched off due to safety considerations when voltage disappears in the network, and the panels do not generate electricity. With the Solax energy storage device, the solar panels are not interrupted and continue to generate electricity.

Manufacturers of the solar panels offered by Enefit guarantee that the panels comply with the international standard IEC 61215, which guarantees that the solar panels are suitable for weather conditions in Latvia and can withstand wind gusts, hail and the thick snow cover often present during Latvian winters.

Investment in panels is a stable and reliable one. At the same time, such a solution also significantly increases the value of property and is a smart investment for the future. The payback period of the investment in in the current market situation can be starting from 4 years.

The total capacity of the installed solar panel parks in Latvia i 8MW or 30,000 solar panels on average.

The capacity of the solar panel system should be determined based on

  • The household's hourly electricity consumption data,
  • The planned electricity consumption for the electric vehicle,
  • The allocated area for the solar panel system.

Enefit experts will help You choose the most relevant system solution, electricity purchase, and Distribution network tariff scheme. Solutions tailored for the household's needs will significantly reduce electricity costs.

Also important is that the installed solar panel system would not be significantly larger than the planned household’s self-consumption. A suitable solution is one that determines priorities, where the amount of produced energy, which is not used for self-consumption, is redirected for charging the electric vehicle.


The split payment is available for persons, who comply with these criteria:

  • The clients age on the day of contract signing is 20 - 76;
  • The client has official monthly income.
  • A passport or ID card or residence permit combined with a passport is necessary for forming the contract. 

Read more about data processing in our privacy policy and customer data usage conditions.

Reduction in electricity bills will depend on your auxiliary services at the moment when the solar panels generate electricity:

  • you pay nothing for the part generated by solar panels and consumed by you at the same moment;
  • for the part of electricity that you transfer to the network and use later you only pay for transmission and distribution service;
  • for the part that you take from the network in addition to the energy generated by the solar panels, you pay a full fee.

For example, you have a monthly consumption of 500 kWh per month. Solar panels have generated 400 kWh per month, of which you used 300 kWh right away, and the remaining 100 kWh transferred to the network. Since the total monthly consumption is 500 kWh, you have used 200 kWh from the network: 100 kWh that were generated by solar panels and transferred to network + another additional 100 kWh from the network.

Your electricity bill will be calculated as follows:

  • fee for transmission and distribution services and mandatory procurement components will be calculated for 200 kWh (everything that was taken from the network during this month);
  • fee for electricity – only for those 100 kWh that were taken additionally from the network.

A client without solar panels should pay 75 euro but, setting up the mentioned system, the client can save 50 euro, and the bill is reduced by 65%.

More information about the principle of net settlements: here

Fee for distribution services consists of two parts: fee for provision of connection and fee for electricity supply. All customers regardless of whether solar panels have been installed on their property must pay for provision of the connection. However, payment for supply of electricity does not have to be made at times when electricity generated by solar panels is used for auxiliary services – both when making payments according to net settlement type and collecting electricity in the accumulator.

Electricity produced by solar panels may be used within the same connection, at the address where the system is installed and connected.


Installation process

Enefit solar panels are installed by certified specialist electricians who are among the most experienced employees of the sector in the Baltic market.

Our specialists will inspect your roof or land and find the best solution for placement of panels.

Solar panels can be installed on all coverings, except straw and asbestos cement roofs. Only the types of fastening necessary for the solar panels differ.

We can install the solar panels right after harmonization of documents and procurement of all necessary materials, agreeing on the time of installation beforehand. Installation of solar panels takes 1-2 days on average, but the whole process in general takes approximately 1-3 months.

In order to install solar panels on your property (both on the ground and on the roof), it is necessary to obtain the permission of JSC "Sadales tīkls" to connect the microgenerator to the network. See instructions here.

It is also necessary to find out about the rules of the construction board for the specific project. Information about the changes in them here.

If needed, our specialists will provide advice on additional steps for preparing and submitting documentation.

Requirements for installing solar panels on the roof of your home

Installation will be quick and simple if the larger roof plane is smooth and without chimneys or other bumps. You should remember that there must be at least 12 m2 of free space on the roof, which is necessary to install the smallest solar panel system.

It is best to have the roof plane facing south, and sun rays should not be hindered by trees, buildings or other objects. However, a panel system will generate electricity even if it is not on the south side or is in the shade, but the efficiency will be reduced. Our experts will help you find the best solutions to get the most out of your system.

There is no need to adjust your construction plans for solar panels, as they can be installed on the roofs of almost all types of buildings.

The only thing we recommend considering is the potential shading of the system. If this is unavoidable, our experts will recommend the best possible solutions.

It should be noted that solar panels are not installed on straw or asbestos slate roofs, however, it is not necessary to specifically adjust the choice of cover for the panels. Solar panel mounts are available in a very wide range.

No, when installing a solar panel system, our experts will take care of everything, including running the necessary wires and connecting the system to the grid as required for the specific panel system.

The solar panel inverter does not require a separate room. It is usually attached to the wall next to the electrical enclosure and meter, but of course it is more convenient if the technical equipment is located in a separate room or designated place. The size of the inverter is comparable to the size of a desktop computer.


Ordering and Installation

If you have completed an inquiry form on the website, our sales consultant will contact you by phone within two business days, specifying the details. This includes questions regarding the installation of the charger, and he/she will send you the final offer with an invoice to your e-mail. The contract is considered concluded once the invoice is paid, and after that, our installation electrician will contact you to agree on a suitable installation time.

Electric car chargers sold on our website can only be purchased together with installation. This is necessary because a 4G data connection is activated in the charger during installation, and the charger is configured to connect to our online charger platform. This allows us to provide useful additional functionalities such as online diagnostics, RFID card setup, maximum charging capacity configuration and mobile app support in the near future.

When performing work outside Rīga and region of Rīga an additional transport fee (look over price list) is added to the price of your charging solution (charger + installation). The transport fee is based on the distance from the nearest location of our electricians (Rīga) to the installation address and back.

See the comparison table of standard and additional jobs for charger installation here. If you have additional questions, our sales consultant and/or installation specialist will help.

In addition, you can send us photos of your house's electrical switchboard and the desired location of the charger in your home following the instructions given below, based on which our sales engineer for chargers will give a final assessment of whether it is a standard or special solution. Please send the information at [email protected].

Read the instructions »

With the help of the following photos, you can assess whether there is room in your home switchboard for the installation of additional fuses for the charger. The exact need for space also depends on whether the charger to be installed is single- or three-phase.

If there is no space for fuses in your switchboard, it means that we must make you a specified price offer for the installation, which includes additional work in the switchboard.

The fuse of a single-phase 7.4 kW charger in the switchboard:

RCBO protection is installed in the electrical panel

The fuses of a three-phase 11 kW or 22 kW charger in the switchboard:

MCB + RCD fuses are installed in the electrical panel

Standard installation takes 2-3 hours.

During the installation, our electrician first examines the electrical system of your house. An on-site electrical test is then carried out with the customer, during which the phase load is measured and the maximum allowed charging capacity is set for the charger. This ensures that the charger charges the car according to the capacity of your household and does not cause a power outage.

In addition, the electrician routes the electrical cable from your switchboard to the charger, performs the necessary work in the electrical switchboard (installs the necessary fuses) and installs the charger on your wall. The charger then activates data connection and configures it for the charger platform Enefit Volt. (* this will be provided soon)

After the installation of the charger, the customer is shown its main functions, and an instrument of delivery and receipt is drawn up for both the device and the installation work.


Should the charger have a technical failure, should you have questions about using the charger or need to change the charger settings, please write at [email protected] or call 6000 0055.

Both the charger and installation work have a 2-year warranty period. The warranty period starts from the delivery of the charger to the customer fixed in the instrument of delivery and receipt (the same applies to the installation).

In the event of a warranty claim, please send your complaint at [email protected] and you will receive further directions.

Yes, if an electric car charger purchased by you should have a technical failure within the 2-year warranty period requiring warranty repair or replacement of the device, we will provide a replacement charger for the warranty procedure so that you can continue charging your electric car as usual.

Electric car chargers sold by Enefit Volt do not require regular periodic maintenance.

RFID functionality is built-in and activated in all chargers sold by Enefit Volt. This means that charging starts and ends by authorizing with an RFID card.

RFID card functionality can be turned off. To do this, you must indicate your wish during the installation and we can configure the charger so that it works without RFID. In this case, charging starts immediately after connecting the charger to the car. RFID functionality can be turned back on later.

For each charger, we always provide and set up 2 Enefit Volt RFID cards.

The dynamic load management module is an additional accessory that you can order from us together with the purchase of the charger.

The device is installed in the electrical switchboard of your household during the installation of the electric car charger, and its task is to monitor the current electricity consumption of your house in real time and direct all free unused power to the electric car charger so that the car can be charged as quickly and safely as possible.

We definitely recommend installing the device in those homes where the electricity consumption is already close to the limit, and therefore there is a risk that charging an electric car may blow the fuses due to overload.

NB! When ordering the device, it must be taken into account that due to the possible volume of additional work during installation, it may not fit under standard installation at fixed price, and therefore we will make a specified price offer for the installation.

Other issues

With an internet-connected smart charger, you ensure that your charger always has the latest software, is safer and more functional. Thanks to the smart charger, we can constantly provide new services and opportunities, perform remote diagnostics and solve most possible failures without operatively sending out a technician.

The mobile app Enefit Volt is being developed now – it will launch in 2022. First, the mobile app will allow you to start and stop charging, view your charging history, and schedule charging to a convenient (cheapest price) time. The next step planned is to develop a capability by which the charger chooses the most favourable charging time according to the stock exchange price.

An electricity bill depends on electricity consumption, and this in turn depends on how much and how often the car is charged. If we take an annual mileage of 15,000 km, an average electricity consumption of 20 kWh per 100 kilometers for the electric car, and we assume that the vehicle is charged mainly at night, then the additional electricity cost will be about € 200 per year. In other words, you will spend 200 euros on "fuel" per year.

Charger rental service

Select a suitable rental package on website and send us your information together with a completed inquiry form. Our sales consultant for charging solutions will contact you by phone within three business days to clarify the details of the deal, including questions regarding the installation of the charger, and will send you a formal offer by e-mail.

After confirming the offer, we will send you an invoice with the installation cost of the charger (installation is not included in the price of the rental service). Once you pay the invoice, we will consider the rental agreement concluded and you will be contacted by our installation electrician to agree on a suitable charger installation time.

Our installation electrician installs the charger at the agreed location, connects the charger to the power network, performs the first test charge, provides you with an on-site user training, and prepares a Deed of Transfer for the charger on site.

Payment for the rental service is based on monthly invoices. If you wish, the monthly fee can be added to your monthly Enefit electricity services bill. The rent will be calculated from the day of installation of the device. The invoice for the first and last month of the rental service is prepared according to the number of days the charger has been installed.

Subscribing to the rental service incurs a one-time payment for the installation of the charging station. The standard installation cost is from 250 EUR (VAT included).

The cost of installation may vary depending on the location. In case of standard installation, the installation cost will be from 250 EUR. See the comparison table about standard installation and additional work HERE.

When performing work outside Rīga and region of Rīga a transport fee is added to the price (look over price list). We will agree with you on the price of installation and need for additional work before concluding the contract.

The installation cost depends on the volume of work in the installation location and its amount does not affect the monthly fee for the rental service. Installation is billed separately for each order, and the installation cost is settled as a one-time payment when starting the service. As the installation cost is not included in the monthly rental service fee, it gives you the flexibility to terminate the rental agreement at no extra charge, if you wish.

If you have decided to give up the charger rental service, it is possible to terminate the rental agreement and return the charger. According to the Terms and Conditions of the agreement, you have the right to terminate the agreement after 3 months from the start of the service by sending us an e-mail at [email protected] 7 business days in advance. The charger rental fee is calculated until the date of removal of the charger. You do not have to pay for the removal the charger. You will not be held responsible for normal wear and tear of the device (such as notches, traces of wear, etc.) that occur during normal use of the device. The charger will be removed by our installation electrician at an agreed and suitable time for you. During the removal, a Deed of Removal is prepared and signed, describing the condition of the device - if there are no defects (normal wear and tear of the device is not considered a defect), you will not incur any additional costs.