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Why choose Enefit?

Energy supply solutions suited to your needs

With the energy supply solutions which are suited to your needs, we will provide you a significant benefit. Our carefully developed and planned products will let you choose the extent to which you wish to obtain stability or take a risk in the market.

We constantly analyse the market environment to offer the best you can gain from the free market, by informing you via monthly market overviews of the key events in the electricity field.

Switching to Enefit is simple

Switching to Enefit is just as simple as switching your mobile operator. Our trusted team of experts will be glad to help you accomplish the process of switching electricity sellers without any delays. The only involvement from your side in this process is signing a contract with Enefit.

Long-term stability

Enefit's parent company Eesti Energia is the largest energy company in the Baltics. Compared to competitors, Eesti Energia does not use external suppliers of energy and keeps control over all its resources.

Compared to other large energy companies in the Baltics, Eesti Energia uses its own sources of renewable energy and oil shale, instead of importing energy resources. The generation capacity of Eesti Energia is sufficient to satisfy not only the needs of consumers in Estonia, but is also be able to export a considerable amount of electricity.

Request an offer

Request an offer

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