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How does the gas market operate?

The seller in the gas market in Latvia is a registered gas seller and the customers purchasing it are final consumers.

Given that natural gas currently is neither extracted in Latvia nor in other Baltic States, all the gas sellers in Latvia import it through pipes or purchase liquified gas supplied by ships in order to sell to final consumers.

The market infrastructure is ensured by the transmission and distribution system operators who perform the transportation of gas via high and medium pressure gas pipes from Latvia's border to the object of gas supply of the final consumer. The final consumer pays the seller for both the consumed amount of gas and the system services and excise tax, where applicable. The seller's obligation is to settle the accounts with the system operator for the services it has provided and to perform the excise tax payments to SRS, pursuant to the information provided by the final consumer.

In the gas market, purchasers are free to choose sellers and products, as well as agree on prices, whereas the regulator supervises the sellers to ensure they comply with the developed market conditions. The regulator also supervises system operators and their operations. It ensures equal treatment and non-discriminatory attitudes towards any market participant, as well as approves tariffs of transmission and distribution system operators.

The role of the seller and distribution system operator in the gas market

The seller will be the single contact point to solve all the issues related to sales:

  • Contract issues
  • Payment
  • Errors in invoices
  • Adding / disconnection / change of registration of objects

You will have to turn to the Distribution system operator in order to:

  • submit meter readings
  • report an emergency situation
  • solve technical issues (connections to the system, changing meters, damages to seals, use of system services)
  • file a request to discontinue natural gas supply to the object