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17.04 2018
Eesti Energia will start selling electricity to Swedish households and businesses under the brand name Enefit. Sweden is now the sixth market in which Eesti Energia is selling electricity. In Sweden, Eesti Energia is focusing on companies and families, by delivering digital solutions and simple and flexible contracts that streamline their electricity usage. More »
21.03 2018
Eesti Energia will start selling energy to Finnish household consumers as of today. Finland will be the fifth market for Eesti Energia where the company sells electricity. The product offer of Eesti Energia in Finland will concentrate on mobile solutions. More »
06.03 2018
Thanks to successful entry into the Latvian natural gas market, the Enefit energy company ensured stable growth indicators in 2017, finishing last year with a 23.5% increase in profits and a much larger client portfolio. By becoming full-service energy company, Enefit is actively addressing consumers in Scandinavia and Poland. It is also taking new developmental steps in the market in Latvia, offering energy efficiency solutions and financing of same for business clients. During the next year, the company plans to offer energy to Latvian households, as well. More »
21.02 2018
Energy company Enefit board member Karl Agan has turned to other professional challenges, and he has been replaced on the board by corporate development director Krists Mertens. The company’s work in Latvia will now be supervised by a three-member board that also includes chairman Jānis Bethers and board member Klāvs Poriķis. More »
12.01 2018
Several prerequisites in Latvia’s energy industry will take place to ensure that retailers review their offers, and this will create new services that are important for consumers. Energy efficiency obligations, the further opening of the gas market for households and overall increase in competition in the sector will allow Latvia to finally come close to the market model that is typical in developed markets, where price is just one factor when choices are made. Consumers there can receive more benefits than just an energy to light up or heat their homes. More »
15.06 2017
Сегодня закончился переходный период к открытому газовому рынку, в течение которого предприятия Латвии должны были выбрать своего поставщика газа, чтобы с 1 июля иметь возможность приобретать газ на открытом рынке. Обобщенная предприятием Enefit информация свидетельствует о том, что открытие рынка прошло успешно, потому что предприятия уже с первого дня открытия активно включились в газовый рынок. Таким образом, в течение прошедших двух месяцев фиксированные результаты смены поставщиков значительно превосходят показатели открытия рынка электроэнергии. More »
03.04 2017
April has begun with major changes in the energy sector which offer companies and retailers of gas to demonstrate their sprinting skills. When the electricity market was opened up 10 years ago, companies were given a fairly long transitionary period, where the exit into the open market was divided up into several “marathon” segments, each of them lasting for one or even five years. Today, by comparison, for the open gas market they have to prepare themselves by June 15. This will require focus on all sides. More »
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