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Fixed Price

The price of gas remains unchanged during the period provided by the contract

It is possible to fix the price for a longer period of time. The price remains unchanged throughout the contract term. The final price depends on the structure of the company's consumption and the contract duration.


  • the price remains unchanged during the contract period;
  • easy to plan the company's long-term expenses;
  • no impact from price fluctuations in the gas market.


By choosing Enefit you will obtain:

  • a competitive price for gas;
  • friendly invoice payment terms;
  • clear and transparent contract conditions;
  • the possibility to benefit from all the advantages of Enefit customers developed during the 10 years that Enefit has been selling electricity to consumers in Latvia;
  • stability and cooperation with a professional gas seller ensured by the experience gained by our parent company Eesti Energia while selling gas to its customers in Estonia for the fourth year now.

Pieprasīt piedāvājumu

Pieprasīt piedāvājumu

Iesniedzot pieprasījumu, piekrītu komerciālu paziņojumu saņemšanai no SIA Enefit uz formā norādīto e-pasta adresi.