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Our products provide an option to sign a fixed gas price contract for a fixed price throughout the whole contract period, or sign an market gas price contract with the price being subject to changes in the wholesale gas market, but with no contract termination fee applied.

Enefit energy experts will be able to provide consultations for you to choose the solution which best suits the peculiarities of gas consumption and requirements of your company.

Natural gas products

Fixed price

  • The price remains unchanged throughout the whole period
  • Stability and predictability
  • Contract term of up to 12 months

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Market Price

  • The agreement does not stipulate the application of a charge for the early termination of the agreement
  • No restrictions are applied to the consumed amount of natural gas
  • Especially suitable for sites with seasonal consumption, which is significantly higher during the warm months of the year

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Liquefied natural gas

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an alternative source of energy and allows for access to natural gas in areas not connected to gas pipelines.

  • Lower energy costs
  • Secure supplies – several sources
  • Easy to use and guarantee
  • Automation that simplifies the company's daily work and reduces energy consumption
  • vironmental benefits: reduction of CO2, SO2  and NO2 emissions

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