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Fixed price

Price stability and an opportunity to plan long-term expenses.

This product offers price stability and an opportunity to plan long-term expenses.


  • The price remains unchanged during the contract period;
  • Easy to plan the company's long-term expenses;
  • No impact from price fluctuations in the electricity market;
  • A possibility to conclude a contract for two years or more.

A product for companies for which planning and predicting the company's long-term expenses is important.

  • Base Energy

    An opportunity to fix the price for part of the consumed electricity.

    This product offers the opportunity to fix the price for a particular part of the consumed amount of electricity during each hour.

    The amount of electricity, in addition to the fixed delivery, may be purchased from Enefit for the power exchange price.


    • A fixed fee for fixed base-load energy consumption amount of the company;
    • An opportunity to purchase additional amounts for a power exchange price.

    A suitable product for companies whose electricity consumption is relatively stable in both day and night time.

Pieprasīt piedāvājumu

Pieprasīt piedāvājumu

Iesniedzot pieprasījumu, piekrītu komerciālu paziņojumu saņemšanai no SIA Enefit uz formā norādīto e-pasta adresi.