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Energy efficiency

Introduction of LED lighting »

LED bulbs, thanks to their characteristics, are used for almost any type of lighting. Lighting devices are broken down into two subgroups, taking into account their application options: outdoor and indoor.

LED lighting is also very popular on industrial sites and is the main instrument for introduction of energy efficiency in businesses.

Installation of reactive power compensation devices »

In all alternating current networks, two types of power are consumed – active and reactive power.

Enefit offers to reduce electricity consumption at your business by installing reactive energy compensation devices.

Solar electricity »

Solar electricity is a universal source of renewable energy which may be used for the generation of electricity and hot water. Application of solar energy has great potential. In recent years, the demand for solar energy has grown as a result of the rise of prices of energy resources. Moreover, the prices of devices used for the collection of solar energy have decreased.

Enefit offers customers advantageous conditions for the generation of electricity.

Replacement of gas heating boilers »

Natural gas is the most environment friendly fuel. It has a high calorific value, does not generate ash and sulfur compounds, and has the lowest CO2 emissions. Gas heating boilers are nowadays economical, their efficiency reaching up to 90%.

Enefit offers businesses to fund their purchase of heating boilers and systems, replacing them with more energy efficient ones.