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The Enefix soil treatment improves the site conditions for plants, helping the soil to absorb nutrients, and reducing the risk of plant diseases. The Enefix soil treatment also suppresses moss growth in lawns.

The Enefix soil treatment – aglime with a quick effect

Adding the Enefix soil treatment to the soil

  • increases the pH level of the soil
  • improves nutrient solubility in the soil
  • enlivens the activity of microorganisms in the soil
  • increases the content of trace elements (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, zinc and silicon) in the soil

The Enefix soil treatment is intended for reducing the acidity of mineral soils, lawns, or peat; and for increasing the humus content. Information sheet for the Enefix soil treatment (PDF) »

The Enefix soil treatment

  • maintains the soil reaction at an optimal level, increases the humus content, and improves soil quality
  • improves the conditions of the site for plants, and helps to absorb trace elements, reducing the risk of plant disease
  • reduces the movement of heavy metals in the soil, and improves the absorption of trace elements in plants
  • works quickly, and involves a small unit cost per hectare, thus having high cost efficiency and performance
  • reduces the creation of crust and mud, improves resistance against erosion
  • helps reduce fertilizer costs by not needing to use lime
  • stabilises the soil structure, thus ensuring better air and water permeability, helping seeds to germinate faster, and improving the development of roots
  • provides soil with plenty of calcium and more active soil organisms, accelerating the decomposition of straw, and improving soil fertility
  • produces soil with balanced nutrients growing healthier plants, and improving crop quality
  • facilitates the production of stable crops. The cumulative effect of calcium, humus, and clay make site conditions favourable, and the soil remains fertile