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Enefit: a full-service energy company in the Baltic Sea region

Enefit Ltd. is the second largest seller of electric power and natural gas in the Latvian open energy market, and has been active in the field for more than 10 years. In addition to efficient and cost-effective energy provision solutions, Enefit offers companies new energy services and support tools for improved energy-efficiency.

Currently Enefit provides electric power to more than 2000 clients, while the natural gas customer portfolio consists of 300 companies. Enefit Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Estonian state joint-stock company Eesti Energia, the largest energy producer in the Baltic states. Subsidiaries of Eesti Energia operate under the name of Enefit and are established in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Sweden.

Production of energy

Eesti Energia operates independently of external energy suppliers, and is the only energy producer in the Baltic states controlling all the stages of energy production. It can thereby guarantee long-term stability and predictable energy prices to its clients, providing greater financial benefits than any other energy company in the Baltic states.

Eesti Energia has not only sufficient power production to meet the needs of consumers in Estonia, but is also able to export a considerable amount of electricity. In order to ensure energy independence, Eesti Energia implements a production diversification strategy.

A significant proportion of the electricity which Enefit sells in Latvia is produced from renewables, namely by using wind energy, hydro energy and biomass energy. All the energy sold is generated in the European Union (in Latvia and Estonia), thereby promoting the energy independence of the Baltic states.

More information on the origin of Enefit electricity sold in Latvia and its environmental impact is available here »

The origin of natural gas

All the natural gas delivered to clients in 2017 was imported from Lithuania.*

*Information provided in accordance with the Public Utility Commission Decision No. 1/6 of March 9, 2017 „Noteikumi par informāciju elektroenerģijas un dabasgāzes galalietotājiem ", paragraph 11.

Quality parameters of natural gas (PDF)

Team and customers

Enefit is a team of qualified specialists, professionals who can analyse the specific energy consumption of each client to find an optimal solution. Due to entering new markets, the Enefit team is growing fast. The company's clients appreciate the approach tailored to their needs and the high standards of service, as well as the extensive company knowledge of the Baltic states' energy market.