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Privacy Policy and General Terms

What is the privacy statement about?

Privacy statement:

  • explains what we do to protect and respect the privacy of your personal information;
  • explains how we collect, use and protect your personal information;
  • helps you understand how your personal information is collected and used and what your rights are in respect to your personal information.

We will comply with the laws of Latvia and the European Union when processing your personal data.

We use the data for the purpose for which we collected the data and to the extent necessary to fulfil this purpose. When the purpose is fulfilled, we delete the personal data.

The Privacy statement gives you information and guidance when you use our services, products, applications and e-environments or visit our websites. The Privacy statement does not reflect data processing by other companies on their websites or the services they provide.

You may use our services and e-environments either as a contractual customer, under a contract with someone else solely as a user of the service, or simply by visiting our e-environments without the need for an agreement between us. We will follow the Privacy statement in all these cases. If a customer of our services enables a user to consume the services under a contract between him/her and Enefit, the customer must also ensure that the user is familiar with the privacy notice.

We refer to this Privacy statement and make it available to you upon entering into a contract, as well as providing you with a service, goods and/or e-environment. The Privacy statement is a document providing information to you and is not part of the contract with you or the general terms and conditions of Enefit.

For Enefit Volt public charging mobile application we process user uploaded image for the app user profile picture and allow the users to scan QR codes for charger information and location.

As modern services, equipment and related solutions evolve at a rapid pace, the computing activities required to provide them will change. We will do our best to keep this Privacy statement up to date and available to you on the Enefit website www.enefit.lv. We will notify you of any material changes to your privacy notice through our website, email or other reasonable means.