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Reactive power compensation equipment

Prevent inexpedient losses of electrical power and improve the quality of voltage

What is reactive power?

Reactive power is mostly used for high-powered equipment, for example, luminescent lamps, electrical engines, welding equipment, and induction furnaces.

Reactive power creates the increase of current in electrical installation networks that might cause:

  • overload of transformers
  • overload of transmission systems
  • voltage drop
  • increase in energy consumption

Why is reactive power compensation equipment a smart investment?

Reduced costs for electricity

Reactive power compensation equipment lets you reduce the company’s electricity consumption, and thus also the costs

More efficient use of electrical installation

Efficient use of electrical installation provides an opportunity to reduce the demanded load as well

Improved voltage quality

If you install reactive power compensation equipment, rapid fluctuations and possible losses of transmission can be prevented

Reactive power compensation equipment

If you install reactive power compensation equipment you can reduce both the consumption of the company’s reactive energy and risks of network overload, as well as improve the voltage quality.

Receive an offer

4 steps on the way to installation of reactive power compensation equipment


Situational analysis

By conducting measurements we identify a compensation device with suitable power.



We prepare an offer and sign an agreement.


Installation of equipment

We provide and install equipment and all necessary facilities.


Servicing and warranty

Equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, and we provide technical support during provision of the service.

Why should you choose Enefit as a partner?

  • Guaranteed quality
    We offer the equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, and we also have experienced specialists to install it. Moreover, a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty is applied to reactive power compensation equipment and facilities in accordance with the procedures set out in the laws of Latvia.
  • Individual approach
    We will analyse the electricity consumption of your company and develop a suitable offer on the basis of analysis. After installation of equipment, we will also provide technical support to our customer, if necessary.
  • Full service
    Our experts will take care of everything. We will take care of it all: from development of an offer on the basis of electricity consumption data to installation of reactive power compensation equipment.
  • Trustworthy partner
    Enefit is a subsidiary of a national energy company in Estonia with experience of 15 years in the market of Latvia. We guarantee that we will be here today and for the coming years. We are both a trustworthy and an experienced partner.

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