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Energy Monitoring Service

Control the efficiency of your electricity consumption and prevent problems in a timely manner

Energy Monitoring Service

Monitoring system collects and stores data from various energy registration measuring units and provides an opportunity to receive an automated, easily understandable data export in an e-mail or text message on energy consumption limits, peak loads and other parameters.

Moreover, the received data can be reflected also as a currency value prism to see the opportunities of financial benefits.

Receive an offer

Why choose Energy Monitoring Service?

Terms and conditions of Enefit energy monitoring agreement »

An opportunity to optimize electricity consumption

When performing energy monitoring, you can receive complete information on company’s energy consumption, optimal capacity and other parameters which gives an opportunity to choose the most suitable solutions to optimise the energy consumption profile.

An opportunity for timely prevention of negative changes in consumption profile

Energy Monitoring Service provides an opportunity to monitor the voltage quality, electricity consumption, and other parameters of consumption profile online, while providing automated warnings in case of changes.

A simple data collection and integration in the company’s systems

You can use the data obtained as a result of energy monitoring for the company’s needs also after the receipt of the service.

Are you already using the electricity monitoring service?

Observe the consumption profile of your company online!

Log in to your consumption profile

4 steps to your Energy Monitoring Service



We send you our offer, and we sign an agreement after you have evaluated it.



We procure and install energy monitoring equipment.


Data readings

We procure and install energy monitoring equipment.


Increased operational efficiency

You have been informed about the company’s energy consumption profile and can choose appropriate solutions to improve efficiency.

Why should you choose Enefit as a partner?

  • Guaranteed quality
    We not only offer the equipment necessary for energy monitoring provided by the world’s leading manufacturers, but we also have experienced specialists to install it.
  • Individual approach
    After taking the readings of data on electricity consumption, we offer an opportunity to analyse the data and find the most suitable energy efficiency solutions for your consumption profile.
  • Trustworthy partner
    Enefit is a subsidiary of a national energy company in Estonia with experience of 15 years in the market of Latvia. We guarantee that we will be here today and for the coming years. We are both a trustworthy and an experienced partner.

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