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Energy efficiency solutions

Energy monitoring

Control your electricity consumption efficiency and cut costs by adapting consumption to the nature of your business activities.


LED lighting

Appropriate lighting creates a comfortable working environment while energy efficient LED lamps also bring substantial energy savings.

Solar panels

Generate renewable energy for your own consumption using an environmentally-friendly solution and reduce the costs of procured energy.

Reactive power compensation equipment

Eliminate unnecessary electric power losses and improve voltage quality. Compensation equipment helps reduce both energy consumption and network overload risks.

Upgrade of gas heating boilers

Upgrade your company’s heating system by investing in you heating efficiency today and cover costs from your energy bill savings.

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3. Save and upgrade your energy utilities

Implemented projects

In Latvia, Enefit implements and finances energy efficiency projects of varying scale, working actively with both companies and households.

About 50% of companies invest their own funds in upgrading their energy utilities while others take the opportunity to use Enefit financing and pay in instalments, which most of the time are more than covered by the savings they obtain on electricity bills.