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Charging electric cars

Full service charging solutions for companies


Select most suitable smart charging solution for your business using our charger configurator


Convenient and worry-free electric car charging, everything is included in one affordable monthly fee

Choose Enefit VOLT as a charging partner for your business:

  • Charging at work
    Provide your employees a convenient way to charge right at the workplace.
  • Electric car charging stations for your business needs
    Our reliable electric car charging solutions will allow your employees and customers to charge electric vehicles worry-free.
  • Charging the company's electric car fleet
    Choose our smart charging solution to charge more cars at once without having to spend extra money to expand your electric network connection.

Five steps towards your own home charger


Find your charger

Use the charger configurator to find the best charger for your needs and send us your inquiry.


Price offer

We will contact you in the next few days to clarify the information and send you a price offer.



Our highly qualified specialists will install the charging device at the most convenient time for you.


Successful transaction

After we have completed all installation works, we will send you an invoice.


Starting the charge

Enjoy hassle-free electric vehicle charging in your company using our convenient mobile app.