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Base Price

For companies with steady and continuous electricity consumption

What is Base Price?

A fixed electricity price per 1 MWh for a specific amount of electricity (basis) plus variable Nord Pool power exchange’s price for any extra consumed amount.

Base Price advantages:

  • Fixed price for a certain electricity amount for a specific time period
  • Predictable price, which enables making use of the advantageous market situation at the same time
  • Possibility to diversify risks in the changing electricity market, for example, to purchase 30% of the electricity volume for a price fixed in the contract and 70% – for the Nord Pool power exchange price
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Other electricity price solutions

Fixed Price

For companies that find it is important to plan and predict the company’s long-term costs.

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Market Price

For companies that have the option to plan their electricity consumption, by keeping track of fluctuations in the power exchange.

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Finland’s Price

For companies that want to make us of the low prices of Scandinavia and are ready to take on a little risk.

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